Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kira 7 Months

Where do the months go?? It feels like Kira has been a part of our family forever. I can't recall what it was like without her. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Kira so much!!

At 7 months you...

Love being outside. If we are playing outside you will sit and watch happily for hours.

Puts everything in your mouth. Today I fished out two big leaves. Paper is your favorite and often comes out the other side.

You LOVE your thumb. My first child that wouldn't take a pacifier. Just like your mom.

Love your brothers. Love watching them, love when they hold you and sing to you. Scott sings "Rockabye" when you cry and Tyler tells me to feed you when you cry.

You really only cry when you are hungry, tired or need to be changed.

You smile like Tyler. You look like your dad. You are beautiful. You are radiant!!

Petite. You don't like a bottle much. You don't eat much. You have the smallest features and are just so petite. I don't think you will ever be big, but it would be nice to have a little roll for me to squeeze.

Crawling. So cute. You are rather slow and curious at anything that you come in contact with, however, will concentrate on getting to a spot fast if there is something you want. Today, you crawled to your dad pretty quick.

You love dogs and cats. They make you laugh. You love there whiskers.

You love doing flips and somersaults with your dad. It makes you laugh.

You are starting to try to pull yourself up onto little objects like boxes which always end in a thump and roll. Not quite there, thank goodness.

You are independent, however, need people in the room with you. You don't need to be held all the time but aren't happy when you are left alone.

You are not that great at eating. Mom needs to do better at making time to feed you some solids. You eat bread or other table food. Today you liked the french fry I gave you. I think we might skip the whole baby food stage all together if I can't get my act together.

We love you Kira!! Happy 7 months!!

Northgate Football

I went to Northgate High School growing up. The football team was awesome our Freshman year and went downhill after that. This year they have won all of their games. Danny and Scott decided to go to Homecoming to cheer Luke on. It was fun and they enjoyed it. Sadly, Northgate was losing 35-0 at the half.

Meanwhile, back at home, I slipped on the stairs while holding Kira and almost killed myself and my child.

All I can remember was holding onto Kira, crashing and watching Kira in slow motion roll down a stair or two. I can't remember much of the event. I did manage to hold Kira through the initial fall, but let go once I was down. I very rarely freak out about medical issues, but I seriously thought I had damaged Kira's head and that my leg would need surgery. Panicked, I called Danny to tell him to come home. I then went into shock sobbing on the couch while holding Kira. Danny arrived and said, "Her eyes aren't dilated, she's tracking well, and she seems okay. The question is, are you?" Well, turns out everyone is fine.

Kira got a little bump on her head, which is now gone. I went to bed realizing what an old person feels like when they fall down. I was sore everywhere. My leg has a hard lump about the size of my hand that is muscle related because it feels better with heat and my arm, knee and ankle and now are on the mend.

I will no longer wear slippery socks and attempt the stairs while holding children. This is not the first time I have slipped down those steps. It is the first time I slipped with a child in my arms. I felt soo horrible. Nothing is worse than thinking you hurt your child. So grateful Kira is alright. I am sure that there was divine intervention on this one!!! Grateful, grateful, grateful that it wasn't worse.

Friday Co-Op

Tyler goes to a little Mom's Morning out type deal from 9:30-12:30 every Friday. There are twelve kids and thus I work with another mom every six weeks to watch the kids. It is low key and a great little program at a local church. You are either in charge of snack or craft on your day, the kids have lunch and get to play. The first time I did it was total chaos. All the kids were there including two kids that had MAJOR separation anxiety. It of course made two others that are normally fine kind of sad. It was really sad, I remember being there with Scott about 2 years ago, but I recognize the kids will survive and this is so good for them to transition away from their mom. The second time I did it went WAY better and it was so fun.

I was unsure if I wanted to commit to another activity, since it seems we are starting to loose our freedom, however, Tyler seems to enjoy it and it has been so nice to have some time with Scott. I really enjoy the days that I get to teach to get to know the other moms and their kids. I really do enjoy the stage that my kids are in and being a mom. Yes, it does give me some added gray hairs, but it is sooo worth it and I love how these little kids are sponges and just so sweet and full of personality. So glad that I did it.

After spending $50 to fill up my car on the way and getting stuck at a light that didn't work due to construction, I decided Scott and I could ride bikes to pick up Tyler. It takes about 10 minutes in a car and took us about 15 minutes on bike. Plus, we got to go to a park on the way back and everyone enjoyed the exercise and being outdoors. Scott found a lizard that he named jumpers since he liked to jump out of his hand. It is now lost somewhere in his room. The bike ride was WAY better than a car ride and will thus become a weekly outing. Scott, Tyler and Kira loved it. Here are some pics.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spiderman Party!!

I got the party supplies two months ago during Tylers actual birthday and am proud to announce I FINALLY had Tylers party. It was so fun!!

Highlights in pictures...#1 Table...Kids photographed are either obedient or just plain hungry.

#2 POP's Spiderman Masterpiece.

#3 Tyler and Max eating cake. Tyler claims his favorite part of the party was eating Spidermans' eyes (a HUGE piece I might add).

#4 Cousin Roman attempting to out-eat Tyler in the cake eating contest.

#5-7 Friends. This sums up the party. These boys figured out how to get six kids on this car all by themselves. All 15 or so kids played so nicely the entire time. It was the BEST part for the kids and the parents.

#8 My adorable niece Paisley drunk with milk.

#9 My adorable nephew Roman on the trampoline. I think at one time all the kids were on the trampoline.

#10 The presents. Best part of the party to watch. I put all the presents on the table and they were all open in about 1 minute. It was awesome! All the kids helped and Tyler was so happy. His presents were all so unique and he has talked about them all day. He loves his new spiderman toothbrush, went to bed with a handmade spiderman doll, played way too late with his shooting gun and said he LOVED his special day!!

I have felt really, really, really blessed for such a great family and friends. I LOVE my kids and Tyler so much. He is my little rascal at times always adding excitement and fun into our lives. We love him so much and couldn't imagine life without him. It was so great to celebrate Tyler today. Nothing compares to seeing your kids feel special and happy!

Pop did so much to help me get ready for the party including cleaning, getting pizza and watching kids. Best dad and Pop ever!! My friends who are really my support and army in helping me raise my kids. I love my family and friends and am so grateful for each and everyone of them and their examples. Sooo lucky!

Saddest part of the party...I asked my friends where one of my friends was and it turns out she wasn't on the evite. Sooo sad! What a bad friend I am. I tried really hard to include everyone and I think two or three people were missing from the email list.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Finally Totally Potty Trained

So I just read Scott what I wrote to him about being so proud of him for the primary program. He had a huge smile on his face and he said at the end,

"what about the night?"

Meaning what about writing how proud you are that I no longer wear diapers at night?"

How cute is that??

We have been soo proud of Scott for waking up dry without diapers this week!!! And I am glad that he knows it and wants to shout it to the world. He told Cindy last night at dinner about his latest potty training accomplishments.

Anyway, 3 years ago, when Scott was two he basically potty trained himself in a day with very little work on my part. It helped that we waited a couple of months after he was going to the bathroom on his own and ready. The timing of Tyler coming helped since he was probably ready when his brother was born and we waited about 2 more months. That was when he was about 2 and he is almost 5. Maybe I should have restricted water, but I didn't and just waited. We are so proud of him!! So proud of our little man even though I think that it isn't much up to them, but still soo proud and most happy that he is aware how proud we are of him.


Heidi did a nice post about the primary program. I'll mention that Scott took his ball bearing to church (a failed one from a motor rebuilt project) and held it in his hand while he spoke his line. That's my boy! It reminds me of when I had to go to church with a little gray airplane propeller.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Primary Program for Scott, our Sunbeam

Scott had his very first primary program. Danny has been putting the boys to bed while I am at work. Danny's night time routine includes music time. In the past month Scott and Danny have been rehearsing his songs for the primary program. Scott learned his first little lesson that if you put in a little bit of time each night to work on something, the end is so rewarding. For the first time Scott was prepared and comfortable singing in Primary. While some of it is due to being older, I think most of it is because he worked on it. What a great lesson on work and diligence.

As a coach and athlete, I recognize that while reaching a goal is rewarding, the journey of getting there is a far greater accomplishment. Scott and Danny were examples of that this past month. They worked at something each day, which made today so special. If Scott didn't work on any of his songs or what he was going to say, he would have done fine sitting there and being a part of the program, but it was so rewarding for him to prepare for something with his dad, feel confident and good that he contributed to the best of his ability by working on something.

We have been so blessed. Danny hast quality singing time with his kids which lets them know that they are important and loved. At the same time he is blessing them with the gift of music and the Spirit. It is so wonderful that as moms and dads we have different talents and blessings to give to our children. I am one proud mom and wife if you can't tell!!! I feel so blessed today!

Here is a little note to my four year old Sunbeam.

I am so proud of you. You sat up in the big choir seats with Daddy who recently got called as your Sunbeam teacher with Brother "French-Fry". Daddy was on one side and Oliver, your new friend who just moved here. You sat there like such a big boy in your white shirt and pants. I remember watching the Primary Program with you by my side the past three years and now you were there. How time flies.

You went up to the microphone with your dad and said your part so beautifully! I was so proud of you! "The atonement is what Jesus did so we can return to him." What big words for a four year old. What an important message you shared. Perhaps the most important message that one can teach about our Savior and what he did for us.

You knew all the songs and sang them from your heart. You have worked so hard to know your parts for the program and I am so proud of everything you accomplished!

You have grown up so much in the past couple of months. A couple of months ago you didn't go up to the front to sing. You liked to sit with mom and dad and watch the primary sing. Now you not only stand with the kids, but sing in your cute little voice.

We are so proud of you! We can't tell you how proud we are to be your parents. You are such a great big brother for Tyler and Kira. You make us laugh and are so considerate of others. We want you to know how very much we love you and are proud of you!!

Love, Mom

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


There was a great conference talk on Work. I can't wait to read it again. It has made me do a lot of thinking about how I use my time, how I have changed over the years and need to change.

Work has been a topic of conversation lately probably because I have been thinking about it. I continually battle about staying home and going to work and came to the realization that both are work, both are good and both can be something that I excel at and make an impact with in very different, yet very real ways.

My sister started a part time job. She loves working at a Jewish Temple and has found balance. I admire her for that. I read a friends blog about the reality of unemployment and the economy. There are thousands of people in her situation and my heart aches for them. While another friend lives to work all day, every day. Yet another friend told me about an amazing job that she hates.

For the lucky work is fulfilling and rewarding. Others hate what they do. They probably wonder if they will ever have the chance or courage to follow their dream.

For the past five years I have coached the same group of kids. I really enjoyed it. My frustrations came with parents which is so silly or coaching a very diverse group by myself most of the time. This summer I was told I would coach younger kids. At first I was sad, however, with time, it has been good. They are such a great group of kids. Coaching is easy. Catering to their personalities is harder. Everyday I try to do a little better. It is relieving and humbling when parents tell you that their child wrote a paper about you or talk about how much they miss you. It gives me peace that they realize I care about them and their happiness.

My other passion outside the home is lifting hands that hang down. It brings fulfillment and happiness to my life. I started working on a book for caregivers. I need to be more diligent with that. My new calling in church is compassionate service which I LOVE!! There couldn't be a better calling for me. I love ministering to woman. It is my second time in this calling. More about that to come.

So back to work. Danny picked up meds for sinus issues and asked the unhappy looking pharmacist if she liked her job. She said, "Does anyone like work? I wanted to be an architect if that is what you mean. Danny responded, "If it were fun they wouldn't call it work."

He didn't tell her that he does indeed LOVE his job because that wouldn't make her feel good. Danny thinks before he talks. I need to do better at that. But Danny truly loves his jobs. There are things he doesn't like including anxiety about patients well being or the business aspect of dentistry, however, loves working on teeth, being with patients and staff and being a professor. This is one of the greatest blessings in life. Someday when he is old, he envisions himself telling someone he needs to go to the bathroom and dying at work.

With that said, he often tells people that while he is a dentist his "real" work is as a dad. I love hearing that! Nothing is as important or meaningful to him as being a dad. I know that is true. He admits he couldn't be a full time dad, but cherishes the time he has with me and the kids and makes sure he makes time for us. Lately I have come home to him reading the Book of Mormon out loud with Scott to practice Scott's pronunciation. I try not to interrupt their bedtime routine and listen from another room. Danny patiently corrects Scott's speech as Scott repeats each sentence. It is cute. That is probably the most meaningful work he does all day. Laying in bed with his son showing him that Scott is important. Teaching him about Christ. Teaching him how to speak. I truly feel the most meaningful work we will do will be within the walls of our own home. How I want to improve on what and how I teach my children. That is something that you can't put a price tag on. Something that is far more valuable than any earthly possession!

When we were first married, I urged Danny to work six days as a dentist. Vacations meant no money and teaching meant little money. I was naive and didn't understand work and simply equated it with finances. It sounds so foolish, yet that is how I saw life. It makes me laugh at how silly that is. While finances are important, they are definitely not what are most important. Work makes us who we are in so many different aspects. It helps you find balance, fulfillment and success at home, in your profession, relationships, callings, hobbies and so much more. Essentially it helps prepare you to return to Heavenly Father. There is so much goodness and growth that comes from work.

I hope that I support Danny better in his work pursuits than the Heidi that he was first married to. I am grateful for his patience with me. I have found greater peace in realizing the importance of supporting him as he follows his dreams. That has given me such happiness and joy. He has a passion for teaching and endodontics. He is becoming more diligent with his time and resources and am so proud of him for that. I am grateful for the journey, mistakes and corrections we have made along the way to be at a good place in our life.

Two swimmers I coached in high school were both brilliant, outgoing, amazing girls in every regard. Girls who could have gotten in anywhere for academics and were friends with all. One wanted to be a pediatrician and the other a lawyer. They excelled in school and could have gone to excellent schools for law and medicine.

They both decided to change their career paths and become teachers.


It gave me hope for the future teachers of America.

They chose to follow their dream and will make a huge impact in their professions. I don't think I had that much wisdom or self awareness as a young adult. I don't think I have that much wisdom now. I am so impressed with todays youth. I know that these are just two stories out of thousands of people who are pursuing their passions and making an impact because of it. I hope they inspire you to pursue your dreams as much as they inspire me.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paisley Maddox

Our newest niece...Paisley Marilyn Maddox!! Heather and Jason had their second baby, a beautiful little girl. She looks identical to her brother as a baby which is so fun to see. They have the same big lips, squishy little nose and the same eyes. Some strong genes and of course look nothing like our kids. So far our kids have no cousins that look like them. Danny's brother and sister-in-law, David and Juliann, are hoping to adopt and I have a feeling their kids are going to look the most like ours. We couldn't be more excited to have another little girl cousin so close to Kira. We are blessed with 3 nephews and 4 nieces and look forward to many more to come!

Bath Time

My boys love taking baths together. Thy used to be scared of the jets, but now as you can see they love them. Mainly because the jets make some crazy bubbles. My dad has a friend Peter who has a beard. Scott says he looks like Peter in the bath. Fun Times! They want to do everything together. What a fun relationship to see! Perhaps nothing compares than seeing two boys grow in this amazing friendship and love for each other. Blessed!

In other news Tyler looks tired. He is tired. He has a cough that he can't get over. He is exhausted after a couple of hours. Time to bring the little man to the Dr. Kira got the cough and the poor thing chokes on her mucus. Tis the season of sickness...soo sad to see the little ones not feeling well.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Saturday Night Co-Op

Danny and I started a Saturday night co-op with 3 friends. Basically 1 family watches 9 kids all ages 4 & under once a month. What do we do the other three Saturdays of the month from 5-9?GO OUT AND HAVE A DATE WITH OUR SPOUSE!! What a foreign idea. It is Awesome! I am so excited and our first night of the co-op was sooo fun!

We went out to the Counter, a hamburger joint in downtown Walnut Creek with two of Danny's dental school classmates. It was such a fun little double date. "The Fa" and Bernadette are such a fun, cool couple. When Danny proposed, he asked for ideas from his classmates on how to do it. For each idea submitted, he gave a bag of peanut M&M's. The winner of the contest got dinner for two at Pluto's, and Jesse's idea won. He took Bernadette to Pluto's and that was very early in their relationship. We are always excited to find fun couples to go out with. Danny has some great friends and it is fun getting to know them.

Going out with an OS resident and dentist was actually good for me. It was great to hear about people in the same profession as Danny. It helps me appreciate Danny. All three of them are such great dentist, so full of integrity and honesty. I came away from the night feeling so grateful for good friends, our many blessings and the stage of life we are in. Great times.

The kids all survived and actually had a good time with their friends. Yeah!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Almost Worst Sacrament Meeting Ever

The week actually got a lot better with Tyler. We go out in the morning and I have been sooo good at saying no to being out all day or doing too much for our family. It has been really nice. Danny getting the kids to bed on time has been awesome. We had a great week until....

Sacrament Meeting. I would like to record for my posterity and anyone that needs a little pick me up about their sacrament meetings that I possibly had the WORST sacrament meeting ever in the history of my life yesterday! I take that back. There were meetings on the mission where my heart sank because someone you loved and expected didn't come, but that is different.

Anyway, Sacrament is the first 1.15 minutes of church where the whole family learns to sit quietly and listen. They are usually OK (that is all relative). Scott draws, eats his snacks, sometimes listens, is working on being quieter and sitting on the bench little by little. Tyler is generally tired which can be good and bad. Good when he sits and plays with his cars and actually falls asleep and bad when he gets cranky and in his brothers space. They aren't the quietest, they don't always get along, but they do alright. Kira is so easy. She sits, sometimes squeeks and only occasionally gets fussy. We work on constantly reverence, but they also have a lot of energy. Danny and I had a lot of energy growing up.

With that said, yesterday nearly did me in. Starting with Scott wanting to keep the sacrament cup. Whimpering, sadness, tears begin when I took it away. We leave and return only for Scott and Tyler to start fighting. It hit its boiling point when Tyler threw his coloring book at Scott. All I remember is somehow sweeping all three kids up and dragging them out of the meeting. Putting the boys in corners is all I could do. Tyler's teacher, Sister Virgin, the sweetest, kindest person in the world was sitting outside and asked how she could help and I was just too frustrated to even think how she could help. It didn't get any better. For some reason we went back into the meeting just to come out again with Tyler. At least when we came out, we found a quiet, dark room and Tyler almost fell asleep. Some much needed peace to lower my blood pressure.

I rarely feel overwhelmed as a parent. I can usually flow with the swing of things, but yesterday I was OVERWHELMED. I dropped Tyler off to nursery thanking the teachers numerous time for giving me a chance to find my sanity. It took me all of Sunday school to recover. Talking to friends is the best therapy ever. Shed some tears, got out some good laughs about my crazy emotions and was recovered. Kira cried through Relief Society for some unknown reason which was so sad, but I was able to handle it and so grateful I recovered from my emotional breakdown. Whew...lets hope that doesn't happen again for a long time!!

Hey, it is good to be humbled sometimes. It is good to recognize how grateful I am that I usually handle my children with minimal stress. It is good to realize that if Sacrament doesn't go 100% at least it is usually better than yesterday. Mothering....gotta love it!

The only reason it wasn't the WORST is because an amazing man received the Holy Ghost. He has come with his wife and kids forever and it was so amazing to see him join the church and receive some incredible blessings. Love it!! Nothing made my week happier. And there were some great testimonies that I heard bits and pieces that lifted me as well.

Here is a great video!

Scott's new bike

Scott outgrew Little Bike. I am pleased that he thinks that when you want something new, you just hunt for it on craigslist and then go and pick it up, which is precisely what we did on Saturday. We picked up this Schwinn 20" bike in San Ramon, replaced the tubes, adjusted and repacked the bearings, oiled the chain, and polished the chrome. Scott thinks it's great. He asked if he could ride White Lightning, which is my bike, and I had considered getting it powder coated and then giving it to him, but it's too big. Yesterday, some kids were commenting about White Lightning. We told them how old it was. They were impressed.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I have an incredible dad who made gourmet breakfast before school, went to work all day and came home just in time to work on Chemistry and Math with me and my sister. He never raised his voice and had incredible patience with a household of woman. He is just an amazing man and dad.

Somehow I got lucky to marry a man who couldn't be a more amazing dad. Danny loves going to work each day. He was born to be a dentist and teacher. Somehow he equally loves coming home and being a dad. He is such a natural parent. Danny is a little kid at heart in his innocence and hobbies. He loves toys and tinkering. The kids are so blessed to have a dad so involved in their lives and who loves them more than words can express.

We have tried to get the kids down for bed earlier this week thanks to Laura's advice about the magic 7pm bedtime to see if it will help Tyler. Since I work until 7-7:30, I asked Danny to do the bedtime routine and HE HAS ROCKED!! He usually gets home between 5:30-6, gets the kids fed, has singing time with them and they are usually reading or in bed by the time I get home. Can I tell you how AWESOME that is. We used to really like having the four of us together at night, but I can't tell you how nice it is to unwind and have time to talk with Danny at night.

I have grown in so much love and appreciation for Danny this week as he has taken on bedtime duties and it has actually been special time for the kids. Danny works a night clinic on Thursday, so I put them down tonight and I don't think it went as well as when Danny does it. They told me where they read and what to do. It was really cute and I think they actually preferred their dad.

One of the greatest blessings in my life that makes me soooo happy!!!!

Janelle said something in her talk at church that I loved. She said something along the lines that she was so blessed to be raised in a home where she knew her parents were and would be loyal to each other and the commitments that they made to each other. She had security and comfort in knowing that growing up. I never thought about fidelity and trust in a marriage blessing your children with safety and peace but it does. It is probably one of the greatest things that you can give your children and I am grateful that I am married to a man whose family is the most important thing in his life.

I love you Danny!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Favorite Points from Relief Society Mtg

President Monson, Charity

Talked of taking food to over 80 widows in his ward each Christmas while he was Bishop. When President Monson speaks it is obvious how much he loves others, sees a need and fills it. He talked about how his wife always supported him in his various callings and service. I want to do better at seeing and fulfilling the needs of others. I want to do better at supporting Danny in his various callings and service.

"Needed is the charity which refuses to find satisfaction in hearing or in repeating the reports of misfortunes that come to others, unless by so doing, the unfortunate one may be benefited. The American educator and politician Horace Mann once said, “To pity distress is but human; to relieve it is godlike.”11

Julie B. Beck, History of Relief Society
"We study our history because it helps us change. Ultimately, the value of history is not so much in its dates, times, and places. It is valuable because it teaches us the principles, purposes, and patterns we are to follow, it helps us know who we are and what we are to do, and it unites us in strengthening the homes of Zion and building the kingdom of God on the earth."

I don't know church history very well and am going to make an effort to study, learn and apply it to my life.

Silvia Allred, Steadfast and Immovable
The trip from Mistolar required 27 hours one way to reach the temple, and they had gone with their two small children. It was in the middle of a very cold winter, but with much sacrifice they made it to the temple and were sealed together as an eternal family. On the way back, the two babies got very sick and died. They buried them along the way and returned home empty-handed. They were sad and lonely but amazingly felt comforted and peaceful. They said of the experience: “Our children were sealed to us in the house of the Lord. We know we will have them back with us for all eternity. This knowledge has given us peace and comfort. We have to remain worthy and faithful to the covenants we made in the temple, and then we will be reunited with them.”

How grateful I am for the covenants I have made in the temple. I too have felt this peace and assurance with Carl and with Tyler when we were unsure if he would make it. Nothing brings greater peace than knowing your family is eternal.

Barbara Thompson, Visiting Teaching

Not long ago I visited with a group of women in Anchorage, Alaska. There were about 12 women in the room, and 6 more joined by speakerphone from cities and towns all over Alaska. Many of these women lived hundreds of miles away from the Church building. These women taught me about visiting visits were nearly impossible. However, these sisters felt closely connected because they were fervently praying for one another and were seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit to know what their sisters needed, even though they weren’t there in person very often.

The beauty of visiting teaching is not to see 100 percent on the monthly report; the beauty of visiting teaching is seeing lives changed, tears wiped away, testimonies growing, people loved, families strengthened, people cheered, the hungry fed, the sick visited, and those who are mourning comforted. Actually, visiting teaching is never done because we watch over and strengthen always."

I am always striving to be a better visiting teacher and this talk was AWESOME for me! Made me think about why we really do visiting teaching and as we magnify that calling all woman in the Church would really receive the help and strength that they need. I can pray, serve and do more for the amazing woman that I visit teach.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Scott's Activities

Scott gets really cold in the water. He is just like me and I remember what it was like to get so cold. This summer he did a handful of swimming lessons with a girl from the ward. She is awesome, but it wasn't that much fun for Scott because it was too cold. It didn't help that we had one of the coldest summers I ever remember.

Well, I started a little group lesson for swimmers that are comfortable in the water but not able to really swim yet and Scott is in it. He listens well and tries, but it is cold and he gets cold. He made it through the first three lessons and made it through 10 minutes of the one on Monday.
We'll see if he wants to go today. I let him choose if he wants to go and he is choosing to go for the first time which shows he is growing up. Last year he didn't want to do anything and now he talks about his friends and wanting to go to swimming. He comes home and tells everyone about his swimming. The water is about 80 and it has been really warm outside, which isn't too bad but also not an ideal 90 degrees like his mom likes.

It is just soo cute to work with kids that are learning to swim. It doesn't matter how good a kid is at what they do, but it is what they get out of it. They learn to listen, take turns, feel good about themselves, reach goals and come away with an increased self-esteem. When parents get caught up in their child's achievements I remind them that those are not what they are going to take away from swimming. They are going to take away far greater skills than the ability or speed that someone can swim.

One of the greatest blessings as a coach is to see what kind of parent you want to become and who you don't want to be like.

My friends asked if we wanted to do a co-op with Scott three days a week which I have done with him for the past couple of years. They have been great and I am in one with Tyler, but Scott wants to do Pre-K at his school. We'll see if he changes his mind once it starts.

We started doing co-ops when Scott had really bad separation anxiety after Tyler was born and it was such a blessing. I have loved doing co-ops. Both he and I have made some great friends, but I think he needs something a little different. He is a little shy in larger groups so this will be good or at least interesting for him. He has just starting to love learning, so I am so excited for him to start a program that has a variety of things from P.E to Yoga to carpentry to learning. I really feel it will be a good setting for him with a lot of male leaders who play so much with the kids.

As much as I am excited for him, there is a part of me that is really sad because I am love our freedom and having him home. It will be good for Tyler to get some alone time with mom and good for Scott to be with friends. He loves friends and loves his little activities.

I think the hardest part is for me to say good-bye but at the same time excited that he is excited. If he doesn't like or isn't ready, no big deal and we don't have to continue. I love that I can do what he wants to do and is ready for.

He has to be 4 years 9 months for the program. Every time we go by the school he rolls down the window and says hi to his little friends. I feel so blessed that we are able to give our kids opportunities to grow and thrive. It is such a blessing. Not all kids are the same and it is so great to find what works for them.

Love Hate Relationship With DI

The Church makes it sooo easy to get rid of things. They park a truck trailer in the church parking lot, with a padlock that you can open up and throw all the clothes you don't wear, toys nobody plays with and things from the past in to give to someone else who will love them. They either sell them or give them to less fortunate people and places.

Decluttering isn't the system, it is me. Sometimes it so hard for me to throw things away. My friend gives her kids a box each year and allows them to fill it with their favorites and give away the rest. I don't think I could ever do that. It gives me anxiety even thinking about it, but I wish I could. When I try to get rid of things these are the things going through my head,

"maybe my next kid will use it."
"maybe they will miss it once I get rid of it"
"I'll fit into this at sometime during my next pregnancy."

Sad, I know. Well, I am happy to announce that in the past couple of years I have gotten soo much better at this. Every kid I have makes it easier to get rid of things. Our society is so commercialized and we really don't need any of it.

I have been helping someone get rid of things in her house. It is easy for me to throw away her things because I recognize how much better her family is going to be to live in a house with less clutter and it has been the best thing for me. I come home from helping her and feel like getting rid of things. I realize that nobody in my family wants clutter. Today I am proud to announce I brought three boxes of toys to DI. Yipppeee!!! It feels sooo good and we actually have a reading corner in the kids room which used to be filled with unwanted toys. We sat there for over an hour yesterday and today reading and singing and having some great quality time. Love it!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

All Talk

I am laughing right now as I read this post from my friend Laura who just ran a triathalon. She says.....

"Spark: So in this June Heidi asked me to start running with her to get in shape."

Laura of course followed through and did a tri this past weekend...AMAZING.

Three or four years ago I talked a co-worker/friend into swimming at the Masters Nationals since it was close by at Stanford. She was the fourth relay swimmer that could potentially win or set some sort of record. I don't remember the details of the coaxing her into swimming. She still reminds me that she got in shape, signed up and swam. Knowing her she probably won the whole thing. I don't remember if there was a relay or not. All I know is that I was nowhere to be seen near the pool deck, except of course with a coaches badge.

So if you need a motivational talk to get back into shape come talk to me. I have amazing friends who are smart enough to follow my advice and not my lead. They make me feel so great.

The Steps of Crawling

I placed Kira on the carpet, went to brush my teeth, came back and couldn't find her. I thought my dad took her for some weird reason. I soon realized she scooted under the bed. Neither she nor the boys seemed to care which I thought was pretty funny and shows her calm personality.

#1 Get onto that Tummy..Probably my first child that actually prefers her tummy to her back.
#2 Push Up
#3 Get those legs in position
#4 Rock Away....I LOVE this step of crawling. I think it is hysterical how kids can go back and forth like a boat over and over again. It's a step that makes me laugh, never gets old to watch and something I totally forget about until I have a new child that starts it all over!! It inspired me to get out the camera so I wouldn't forget. yeah for me.

Danny commented the other day how Kira goes at her own pace, when she pleases. With Scott everything was so new, we tried to push his little legs in and get him to prop himself up. With Tyler is was so exciting because each step was such a little miracle. Each stage was anticipated and worked on with therapy each week. Kira just does her own thing and we are just love watching her new tricks when she choses to do them. I am realizing my baby is growing up. Great and kind of sad at the same time. We love her!! Love that spiderman is in the pictures. Tyler loves Spiderman.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Daddy, carry me!

Me: "Quieres montarme como caballo (Do you want a horsey ride)?
Tyler: "No! I want Mommy!" Then, two seconds later, "Daddy, carry me! I don't like you!"