Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dana Hills County Dinner

Hey.  Thursday was the Dana Hills dinner for the county qualifiers.  Only Scott qualified, but Tyler and Kira came, too.  It was at the Oakhurst country club in Clayton.  Heidi wanted me to dress up so I wore my Neal Caffrey pants.  Heidi likes when I "dress up."  Except for church, of course, because I am down to just one suit--my power suit.  Which, incidentally, has been worn 202 times.  I've gotten my money's worth two times over.  

Anyway, it was a pasta feed.  I'm not much into pasta but the salad and dessert were good.  Plus, it was fun talking to my friends.  Heidi and I have the same phone but her lenses always seem to be cloudy, but a bad photo is better than no photo.  I brought my big camera and took a few pictures.  Can you tell the difference?  I am amazed at how much brighter and clearer the SLR's images are.   Hint:  the last ones are from the SLR.

I don't know everyone in these photos but it's easier to me to make this post than have her do it.  

I sat by Neal, who has to commute to SF.  I told him to get a motorcycle.  His wife flatly responded with a hearty "NO."  I said, "They're not gonna take away his temple recommend if he has a motorcycle!"  She came back with something like, "No, but he won't have a temple marriage anymore if he gets a bike."  Wow.

This is actually one of my favorites:  Tyler with a closed mouth crusty.  He usually likes hanging out with his friends and must have been tired.  Scott, on the other hand, wanted to stay as late as he could.

This reminds me of the red carpet photos in People magazine where they comment on what you're wearing.

Heidi called these girls her twinners.  Don't know who's photobombing.

Kind of a weird expression on Scott but whatev.  My, he's getting big.

Heidi with Nicholas and Sofia.

I've been happy with the Dana Hills swim team.  The people are friendly and like to help out with Parker.  It's cool that the kids play outside instead of just sit on their electronics.  Somehow, I've gotten to know more of the Dana Hills parents than the Diamond Hills crowd and we were with the latter for four years.

Scott finished his 50 free in 7th place with a personal best time of 29.38.  Not too shabby.  Well, Parker's crying so I gotta go.  Bye.