Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sorry about the Lack of Posts

I have been busy juggling kids and a bizillion lessons this summer. I will try to do better. If not, you will see more of me in September when crazy summer swim season is over.
A cool picture Danny took of a little guy, Alec, on our team.

Can life get any better than this? I LOVED snow cones at swim meets as a little kid. Scott chillin with his snowcone watching the meet.

Tyler meeting one of my swimmers.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We got Scott a bed through craigslist. Now he won't have to sleep with us! At least that was the plan. We dropped off the bed, I returned the truck, and when I arrived back home, both kids were crying. Scott had apparently jumped off something and cut his forehead. I decided to do some steri-strips to approximate the margins of the wound, so I said, "Scott, I'm a doctor." Do you think that helped? No. He cried even more. But we got the steri strips on and I think the wound is healing nicely. Then, a patient lent me her 70-200L IS USM F2.8 lens and I shot a great picture of Tyler.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Father's Day

To the best daddy in the world!!! Before having Scott Danny said he wanted his children to know his family always came first no matter what he was doing in life. He has accomplished true selflessness when it comes to being a wonderful dad and husband. Scott shopped for Dad's presents and was so proud to deliver them to him. He got him ties, shirts, candy, a book that he calls "Dad and I" and some other fun stuff.

I made a scrapbook page with a poem for Father's Day that reads, "If I could talk one of the first things I would say is "I LOVE YOU"! I love you for being worthy and willing to bless me in times of need. I love you for teaching my Spanish. I love you for throwing me high in the air which always makes me laugh. i love you for comforting me at night when all are asleep. I love you for playing trains, planes and automobiles with me. I love you for playing the piano to soothe me. I love you for always finding time to read to me. I love you for sharing your food with me. I love you for taking great pictures of me. I love you for loving mommy. I love you for working so hard for our family. I am so blessed to have the best dad in the entire world! I hope you never forget how very much I love and appreciate you dad! Love, Tyler.

My dad is also one of the best dad's and 'pops' in the world. He did everything for his two girls growing up. He would work all day and come home to cook, clean, do homework, volunteer for our many activities and so much more. He is now the best Pop to my two kids. They adore him and have so much fun with him when I am at work. I am so blessed that my kids get to learn so much from my dad. Scot picked out this bath from the garden store for Pop. I think i looks like Scott. It is from an artist who sculps the simple pleasures and beauties in life which are the children. Scott loves to work in the Garden with Pop. Happy Fathers Day Dad!! We love you!

Happy Father's Day Glen. Danny has so many of the wondeful traits he has a dad and husband because of his dad. I am forever in debt to Danny's parents for helping mold Danny into the person he is. Danny loves fixing problems and working on projects just like his dad. Glen is a great dentist and passed on all the thinking and fixing skills to Danny so that he too would be an excellent clinician. Danny loves his profession which is worth millions to me. We love you Glen. Happy Father's Day.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I love these pictures

Danny having some fun with the camera while watching the boys. I love that I come home from work with great pictures of the kids. I love that Scott fell asleep with his truck by his side!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Walnut Creek Movies Under the Stars

Every summer the City of Walnut Creek has a summer series of outdoor movies at Heather Farms Park. It is free and always a great time. We bring blankets, popcorn and enjoy watching movies on the giant screen. Danny and I like having family time together. Scott stayed awake for the entire movie. Tyler sleept and watched just like babies do. I recommend it to all.
Tonight we saw "Night at the Musuem" with Ben Stiller. Good show! It could have had a little more character development but we still enjoyed it and left feeling good.
Waiting for the show to begin. We hung out for about an hour before it got dark.
Scott eating his popcorn.
Tyler being cute.
Tyler eating his PB&J sandwich...he loves them! And Scott stuffing his face with popcorn. It was impossible to get the kids to look a the camera tonight.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Scott the Artist

Painting a mural at Civic Arts. This is where he takes his weekly art class with Pop which is a lot of fun.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Skipolini's Pizza

Skipolini's Pizza in Clayton, CA has the best pizza and atmosphere. After a long week of work for me (Danny), it was nice to unwind here. Scott loves the play structure the best.
Heidi & Tyler love the crust!

Upon leaving Scott wanted to play with the big truck. The little truck he brought along just didn't do it for him...don't know why?!?

Let us know if you are ever down for a relaxing evening with pizza and a huge play area for the kids. A great place for parents and kids.