Sunday, November 18, 2012

November weddings

Heidi's classmate, Shawn, got married in Dublin on 11/9/12 and had a reception at Ruby Hill Winery in Pleasanton.  The cover band and the food were good.

Nancy and Vladimir got married on 11/17/12 in Brentwood and had a reception in Crockett.

 Tyler and Kira had a great time running around and socializing with the other kids.

 Kira shows off her dress we got from craigslist.

We didn't have enough earplugs for all the kids, and Scott wasn't happy about wearing these cotton ones.

Most of these pictures were from the little didge.  After 8 years and one trip back to Canon, it's still working.  The quality isn't as good as the SLR, and you can probably tell which ones are which.  But sometimes it's too much a hassle to lug around the big dog, and I never even take it out of the case.  So a bad picture is better than no picture.

Heidi hasn't been posting much on the blog.  We don't have much news about her thyroid except that the numbers seem to be improving but the physicians aren't that concerned about getting her in to biopsy.  I'm always concerned when things change without much stimulus or why they appeared in the first place, but I'm no physician.  I've been keeping my fix-it blog up to date but people are more interested in the kids.  By the time I come home from work, we eat, maybe do piano, and then go to bed.

For my birthday (34--entering my mid thirties), I got some chocolates.  I like dark chocolate, but anything beyond about 70% is too dark.  Well, there was some 85% in my stash and the kids got into it.  Also, my peanut M&M's began disappearing.  Turns out Scott had climbed up on the sewing machine table, removed the chocolates from the high shelf and helped to eat all but the 85%.  Kira and Tyler joined in, but I found pieces of the 85% all around the house.  Even in the bed.

We got Tyler's report card.  He did better than expected and seems to be thriving.  He can memorize things easily and does well with his Spanish accent.  Scott has improved his reading quite a bit and is enjoying it now.

Kira speaks the most Spanish out of the kids and can repeat short sentences.  Her hair is still a mess and I want to cut it short, but Heidi was traumatized by a bad haircut from her youth.  So we'll keep Kira's hair a rat nest for now.

Blakey has been real fussy for the past week.  He had explosive diarrhea in which he would soil his outfits every three hours.  He doesn't have it anymore, but he still cries a lot and doesn't sleep well.
Okay, that's all for now.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Freedom and Politics

The past weeks and months have been a time for me to examine my ideals, beliefs, and what I personally stand for. What a great blessing to be a part of a democracy which fosters this personal growth and reflection instead of taking it away.

Everytime I went down our street and saw signs, both for and against propositions and candidates, I felt proud to be an American.

With that said, it was so sad to see how many interpret that freedom as a duty to bash, put down and name call a side with a differing viewpoint.

I am pro-life.  I have had very sacred and personal experiences in my life that have formed this belief.  Has everyone had those same experiences?  No.  Do I consider others wrong who are pro-choice?  No, however, it would be wrong for me with the experiences and knowledge I had while pregnant to stand for any other belief.

If our state legalizes marijuana, will I teach my kids to smoke marijuana?  Of course not, just like I don't  teach them to smoke cigarettes.  Just because the majority says something is legal doesn't mean it is right for my family.

Our Nation is Divided.  I don't know what the solution is or sadly if there is one.  As a result politicians spend a lot of time getting very little done.  While I believe all truly want the common good for our society, we are all seeing how it is harder to reach that when the morale fabrics of our society continue to become more and more divided.

So the question I have spent a lot of time reflecting upon is what to do about it.  The answer came simply and powerfully: Be the best person, mother, wife and community member I can be.  Teach my children right from wrong. Teach them that living a certain way leads to happiness and fulfillment.  Be just as strong an influence on my family as society will be.  What a sacred responsibility!

I will continue to stand for what I believe.  I will rely on faith, prayer, love and constant attention to my family to teach them to become good, morale members of society, loving husbands and wives, mothers and fathers. It makes me want to be a better person, better mom and wife.  It makes me want to be a greater influence for good on my family and children.

Does the nation dictate my happiness or belief?  Yes and no.  As laws and ideals shift, I will still have the freedom to choose how I will personally live and what I will personally stand for and yes because I am blessed with that freedom!  For that I am very grateful to be an American.  I am grateful for the election we just had.  I am grateful for our wonderful country that blesses me with that!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Danny Surgery Update

Danny's surgery went well.  He went in today to get some nerves cut that have been causing horrible, daily pain that affects daily life.  I am not much of a worrier but I was really really really hoping that this worked.  My mom's best friend, our Aunt Rita, had nerve damage that was so horribly excruciating she finally got her leg amputated.  Danny's was nothing like hers but he told his surgeon he was ready to amputate than to live in this pain.  My heart goes out to all those with chronic pain.  I very much take my health for granted.

He had a similar surgery done a year after his first hip and got immediate relief. When we left the hospital today he thought it was better.  He has some phantom pain lower in his leg, but the back pain seems to be alleviated.  Keep him in your prayers.  This could be a huge blessing. It seems like we have been receiving a lot of pretty awesome blessings lately.  A lot to give thanks for during the season of thanks.