Monday, April 29, 2013

Doughnuts and Dads

Tyler's kindergarten hosted a doughnuts with dad's day, in order to celebrate Father's day during the school year.  Tyler was excited for me to go, which was nice, because for a while, he was waking up and grumbling, "I just want Mommy."  

The students sang a few songs, we ate our doughnuts, and then we threw around the balls outside.  It was fun.  The iPhone is convenient for taking photos when I don't have the big SLR or the didge, but its image quality is fair at best.  But a bad photo is better than no photo.

Tonight, at FHE, Tyler gave the prayer.  He said, "Bless that we won't be wiggly worms during FHE."  He has come a long way.  He has been able to keep his temper under control and he is doing well in school.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


The kids have been spending more time outside, which is good.  They need a media fast.  Scott, Tyler, and Kira are into climbing into the tree.  Tyler is into having his picture taken.  

Here, the boys prepare the garden for some strawberry starts.

Three weeks later, this is how they look.  I am impressed at nature and how dormant plants just know what kind of tissue to generate.  I guess it's evidence of God's role.  

The boys have been into practicing baseball.  They like shagging tennis balls from around the community, so it's no great loss when they go into the golf course.

 Blakey likes to just tag along.

I don't know what Kira's doing here, but check out that bird's nest of hair.  She's also into wearing pajamas 24/7 and she likes princesses.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Why no posts?

Heidi is the primary author of this blog.  You'll note that most of the posts this year have been from me.  I take some pictures and add a few words.  Then Heidi goes back and adds commentary.  I don't write that much on the family blog because I think some of my opinions would offend the majority of her readers.

But this is also a diary, and since she doesn't keep it anymore, I'll write.  To start, I am complacent as an average husband and father.  I used to get discouraged that I wasn't the best.  Now I'm incredibly average, and that's going to have to do.  I try to do chores around the house and go to most baseball games, but I can't make all of them.  I make the kids breakfast and do the school drop-off, but I could do more.  A colleague and I had lunch this week.  He said his wife thinks he's a good dad but a bad husband, because when he comes from work, all he does is play with his kid.  She thinks he should do a better job balancing his relationship with his wife.

In his eyes, he's doing her a favor by giving her a break from the kid, because we all know that parenting is hard work.  I said, "Man, that's tough.  At least she told you how she felt, and at least she thinks you're a good dad."

At least I don't feel pressure to keep up with the Joneses.  I'm pretty sure we're not the Joneses, either, but who cares?

The rubber dam crusade at the school is going well.  People think I'm the expert.  Yeah, that's cool, but not really, because the students like the iso-lite.  I think it's crummy.  But whatev.  So what's on for today?  I rode the VFR to Walnut Creek to see patients.  I left at 6:00 this morning.  Then Scott had his baseball game, and I got to see the end of it.  Heidi's parents came out, and apparently, Scott caught a fly ball and got a triple.  That's good, because sometimes he cries when he strikes out.

Last night, while Heidi went to bunko, Tyler and Scott and I played catch in the back yard.  Scott said, "Daddy, what do I need to improve in baseball?"

I told him his attitude.  Surprisingly, he didn't cry.  Eh, I was a great parent until I had kids.  Okay, gotta jet.