Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Da Boyz

Scott and Tyler are mostly friends. They usually get along well. Here they are, playing in the dirty laundry hamper. Scott has learned to ask for things for himself but states that "Tyler needs it," such as, "Can Tyler have a soda? He needs a soda cuz it's good for his heart." Meanwhile, he only wants the soda for himself. But they are good boys.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another day in SF

Twas great to have a day off for President's Day. We loaded up the bicycles and RC cars and went to San Francisco, where the weather was very nice. We parked on Lincoln, assembled the trailer, then tracked along the sidewalk to 19th avenue where we entered Golden Gate Park. Scott and I drove our RC cars for a time and I was pleased with how well he did. Then, he let another kid drive the truck, which surprised me.

Tyler enjoyed just playing in the sand with his bulldozer. Then, we dropped into the museum for a few minutes. It's nice having a season pass because you don't feel guilty for leaving in that short amount of time.

As for the bachelor: Things are a bit too boring. I fell asleep during last night's episode and didn't see the rose ceremony, but I think Gia got kicked off. She was nice and pretty, but way too insecure and high-maintenance. I think Jake is going to choose Vienna, be miserable with her, and dump her on the next bachelorette. Meanwhile, Tinley (sp?) is going to be heartbroken and hang around in the distance until Jake rolls around. Predictable reality TV. I'm such a sucker for that nonsense. Originally, I thought Jake was going to kick Alli back on. That could still happen, since they need that drama leverage point.

Friday, February 12, 2010

RC Cars

Our family is just starting to get into "family hobbies". We love going bike riding and now the boys love driving Radio Controlled Cars. Danny revived some of his childhood cars and they are having so much fun driving them. He also got a really cool and really fast car that I am sure you will hear about in the future. Scott can drive better than I can which doesn't surprise me. We usually go for a bike ride and drive the cars before church. It is such a fun outing. I love doing things as a family and seeing everyone have so much fun. This is such a fun time in life and goes too fast. We realize someday they will be "too cool" to want to hang out with us, so we soak up the time they love being with mom and dad.
Scot loves his Monster Truck

Danny went with his friend to watch the pros at the racetrack. It was a fun excursion and I am grateful Danny didn't come back eager to join the big folks and enjoys riding with his little guys.
Scott driving

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Scott's 4th Birthday Party

Scott had two requests for his 4th birthday. First, to have Daddy stay home from work and second to have a cars birthday party with his friends. To accommodate the first request, his birthday was conveniently moved from the 28th to the 29th (isn't is great only being four). We had a great time with friends. I had all these activities planned and of course with Scott's friends + siblings + us moms who just want to sit and chat while our kids play we only accomplished two things, which I thought that was impressive. We got the kids together to eat cake and played with a parachute which was soo fun. The kids had a great time. Scott loved having his friends over to celebrate with him and especially loved opening his presents. He got some very cool car items. There were no major injuries and no major meltdowns which equals SUCCESS! Happy Birthday Scott. We are so proud of you!!

Scott with his lightening car that pop made.
The kids eating ice cream and cake.
The younger siblings chilling in their carseats plus Roman who took someone elses seat for a picture.
Off to the races. Scott and I made three cars that a couple of kids took turns racing for quite a while.

The parachute...so much fun!!