Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Hey.  Here are a couple of pictures from trick-or-treating.  It's way too easy to shoot a shabby picture with the iphone, and I am pleased to say that I put the big flash on my SLR for these.  Aren't they nice?  Well, they are.  Thanks.  

Mister is great.  He still sleeps in his crib, which we keep in our closet, and he likes to sleep with the light on.  He can climb out, too.  He can hardly say any words but he seems to be able to get what he wants.  He likes playing in the dirt outside.  

Kira likes playing with our neighbor, Ethan.  In fact, all the kids light up when he's out front.  He seems to have all the cool toys and they play in the court for hours.  That's cool.

Scott is swimming with the Aquabears.  He goes out to Walnut Creek with Heidi and usually gets some fast food for the ride home, which he likes.  Heidi's been commuting in the truck, which I like.

I'm glad Blake's in a good mood here.  He seems to be having a hard time with life in general.  He gets upset but isn't able to articulate why, and it seems his fuse is pretty short anyway.  He hits things and tries to break them.  He can be so charming when he's in a good mood.

Tyler was excited about the results of his trick-or-treating.  He loves candy and likes to keep it just for himself.  He was bummed that his amazon costume didn't arrive.  Maybe it did and someone stole it off our porch.  I just think that's lame:  People selling their souls for a silly costume.

I keep my thoughts, philosophies, and goals on my other blog.  I just thought you would appreciate some photos of the kids in their costumes.  Okay, bye.