Thursday, January 21, 2010

Children Update

The New Year meant Scott and Tyler were divided up in church and a tuesday class. I wondered how this transition would go. Their teachers have said they are both doing great, probably better than when together. It is so funny how I anticipate the opposite of what comes to pass. Tyler acts more like a big boy and Scott listens and behaves so well. We have so many people coming to us telling us how well Scott is doing and I just think, "who is this child they are talking about?" Don't get me wrong, he is a relatively good boy at home, but also a little crazy, full of energy and lets just say determined to do things his way. Maybe I need to get some lessons from his other teachers.

It is amazing to see how different and yet the same Tyler and Scott are. Scott wants to please others, can be rather serious, is very analytical and mechanical. He gets so sad when he gets in trouble and usually resonds by sitting by himself. He loves riding his bike, scooter and being out and about. He has always been so coordinated. He is a little Danny is so many ways.

Tyler is just a happy little guy. His personality is more relaxed, he wants to be independent (maybe because he is 2) and very social. He doesn't have as much interest in how things work like Scott does and isn't as emotionally sensitive. Tyler loves art and will sit and draw to his hearts content.

I love my little men and what they teach me on a daily basis. I feel so blessed to be their mom.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Over The Hump 2011

Danny and I went to Bimbo's for the UOP Over the Hump Party. It was a lot of fun and a great accomplishment to celebrate for Danny's students who are 1/2 way there. Yippee!
There was so much great talent for the talent show. Omeed did a hysterical song about the patient/doctor was soo funny!
I was inspired to learn how to hula dance by Hilari.
The grand finale was Danny with the periodic table of the elements. He did great! Sadly, I was the one taking the photo...

Anna and Trisha, two of Danny's students from last year. They are smart, funny and so nice.
With their husbands.
Dancing after a great dinner.
Kristina and Ryan with us

LisaMarie and Nikki

Monday, January 4, 2010


Our family has gotten into biking and loving it thanks to some great people. It all started when the Skabelunds talked us into riding to the BYU game from their house. Scott has given us the motivation to ride since he LOVES riding his bike and trying to do tricks dad showed him. Third, the Newmans who gave us an awesome bike trailer. Everytime we get on our bikes I feel so blessed for great friends. We have been going to Golden Gate Park lately since it is winter which means it is nice in the City. Plus, the parks are fun, Academy of Science Musuem and Ghiradelli are always good times. Here are some photos of our last excursion....