Saturday, August 11, 2018

County meet 2018

 Today was the county meet, the last meet of the season and Heidi's last meet with the Dana Hills swim team.  Kira enjoyed her friendships the most.

Scott did the freestyle in the boys 11-12 medley relay and they got first and broke a team record.  Cool.

Kira's way at the end standing up.  She likes to stand instead of crouch.  For as much as she practiced, she did real good.  She tried to balance her time between gymnastics and swim.  Tonight she said she wants to stop gymnastics, and I'm in favor of that. 

The kids are all burned out now and watching TV.  It has been so hot here that I'm gonna have to take another shower today. 

Okay, bye.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

4th of July boating trip

Eric invited us out on the Delta for July 4th.  We wanted to get out early enough to enjoy some good water and avoid the crazies.  

Each of the kids tried to wakeboard again but didn't persevere enough to really figure it out.  Scott, on the other hand, tried at least 20 times before finally figuring it out.  I was in the water with each of the kids and therefore couldn't take their pictures, so the next few were taken by Heidi. 

Blake, Kira, and Tyler wanted to go swimming with me and Scott was pretty much going longer than just 100 feet, so the three kids jumped in and swam to the shore with me.  We found a huge log and spent the next half hour swimming it and balancing it.  It was Tyler's highlight of the day. 

The only action shot we got of Scott. 

Discovery Bay is pretty sweet.  Some people have these huge 2nd homes and huge boats in the slips.  This was a pontoon boat that took off right from the bay. 

After we were done wakeboarding, we just relaxed on the water. 

Eric explaining how to make garden boxes on the cheap. 

Of all my lenses, I like the 24-105 the best.  I used it for a few, the 70-200 for some more, and the 50 1.8 for the last few.  The 50 is a handy lens but its focusing mechanism isn't always on and therefore the pictures miss out on the beauty of the prime lens.  I could go back and photoshop these but I don't feel like it now.  I think google ought to make editing software that we can use right from this platform.  The apple stuff is plenty powerful and easy to use.  How about it, google?  I'm not talking about picasa, either.  I'm just talking when you click on the photo that one of the options is edit, including cropping, leveling, and adjusting the brightness. 

I want my kids to learn how to take photos because I've enjoyed photography.  These days, with the ease of the phone and social media, I feel the quality of photos has gone down.  I'm okay with cell phone pictures for lots of things but the big lens gives more depth.  When we look at our photos from ten years ago, I'm happy about the color, contrast, and sharpness. 

Okay, bye. 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

The week in photos

Eric Call took us out on his 2000 Nautique V-drive on Thursday.  They live in Discovery Bay, right on the water.  It's a sweet setup.  The boat sits on a pontoon and when you want to go out, you just lower it into the water.  Slick.  

The V-drive has a significantly bigger wake than a direct drive boat and we dumped Scott and Tyler off the tube.  Eric said that when v-drives were first installed, all the waterskiers were selling prematurely those boats because the wake was enormous and the wakeboarders snatched them up.  Then Nautique capitalized on the notion and made the wake even bigger. 

No one took any pictures of the wakeboarding but I had a good run with lots of big jumps, three failed flip attempts, and an injured knee.  Each of the kids got up and rode the wakeboard enough to say that they could do it.  The water was at least 78 degrees.  It was awesome. 

Here's the island sans top.  The granite is coming in august.  Mister has made this his little hideout.

Evan got his mission call to Cambodia!  Wow.  He's pretty stoked.  He's been watching the kids this summer while Heidi works. 

We ate din din with the Blodgetts in their new home.  Missy, Viv, and Maddie.

Devin living the dream.  We even did some work on his garage door.  The drive gear failed and he replaced it, but didn't line up the upper and lower limit switches.  We had to loosen the chain and put it back on correctly.  Devin was pretty excited.  The infrared sensors still don't work, but that's for another day. 

 Heidi and Kim


Coop throwing a pose

Okay, that's all for now.  Bye.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Summer 2018

School's out and swim season is in full swing.  Diamond Hills hosted Dana Hills and we smoked them.  Scott was happy to break some pool records.  

Tyler isn't swimming this season.  Most of the time he's happy staying home with a book, but he came with me to this meet. 

Kira likes hanging out with her friends. 

Mr. Anger management himself.  This was one race before total hostile meltdown.

Heidi in her element.  I'm glad she's wearing her glasses and hat. 

Kira's all muscle and no fat.  She continually takes 1st.

Scott did well at this particular meet.

One of the perks of working in Walnut Creek is that there is a culinary oasis downtown.  Lately I've been favoring the Buckhorn Grill.  I was happy to run into our old neighbors, the Clark's.  

This past weekend we vacationed to Lake Tahoe.  We splurged and stayed at the Hyatt Regency.  Since I had to work on Monday, I rode the VFR while Heidi took the kids in the van.  This is the view from our 5th floor room.

There was a private beach and the young employees had activities for the kids.  It was kinda like Aspen Grove.  Here the kids are making tie-dye shirts. 

While we were gone, our remodel guy painted the cabinets, removed the island, and got the foundation ready for the new floor.  I went back to work on Monday and he's like, "Do you know how long it took me to get this effer out?"  We only communicate in Spanish, and he referred to the island as the f***er.  It took a half day.  I wanted to say, "That's why we hired you as opposed to doing it ourselves. 

I returned to Tahoe after work on Monday, but this time, I took the Lexus.  It took a half hour longer but was way more comfortable.  Scott, Tyler, and Mister went to the skate park for a bit on the last day.

The next three nights were at Shawna's time share.  Her parents had two side by side, and they weren't there yet, so we hung out with Shawna and her kids.  Here's Abbey and Kira in the hammock.

The water was super clear and blue but real cold.  The boys spent most of their beach time catching minnows.  Here's Blake giving his favorite angry expression.  This was followed by a one hour raging meltdown. 

Heidi always runs into people she knows.  This was a swimmer from Aquabears that Heidi coached about ten years ago. 

The Ahulualias were staying at the Hyatt too.  Our kids hung out with them on the first day.

Mexican food and Apples to Apples, at Shawna's time share

Ethan, Hanna, and Mister hanging out

It was a great trip.  The vehicles ran well.  I've detailed my excursion stories on the other blog, but you should know the van hit 200,000!  It has been a great van.  I'm sure Heidi has more to say but I'm a man of a few words and more photos.  This is at least 32k words in the form of pictures.  Okay, bye.