Sunday, June 21, 2015

June update

We are happy that Parker can be awake without always crying.  He even smiles and laughs here and there.  Kira has been a great help to him but she struggled to be by herself at church and the gym.  She was real clingy and cried a lot, which made church and the gym difficult.  Then one day, she said, "I'm done crying."  Nice.  

The other day, Parker slept through the night.  It was amazing.  He still sleeps in the swing, and the batteries it came with have died, so I put on a Duratrax 3 Ah 7.2 volt NiMH battery pack with alligator clips.  I would like an AC adapter instead, but we don't have one of the correct voltage and I'm not willing to purchase one.

Scott had cub scout camp at the stake center all week.  He went from 4:45-8:10 and the theme this year was Knights of the Round Table.  He enjoyed shooting the BB guns the most.  On Thursday, he hosted a sleepover with some of his friends from scout camp.  I set up the tent in the backyard and we lit a fire in that little kettle and they roasted marshmallows and made lots of noise.  At ten, I told them it was time to come in due to quiet hour.

I went to bed an apparently, they were up until midnight.  The next morning, a little before six, they were jumping on the tramp and making lots of noise.  I had them come inside and play the Wii just so they wouldn't bother the neighbors.  I was afraid that due to their lack of sleep, the kids would be emotional disasters but they weren't too bad.

I was glad that Scott had over his friends.  I remember going to sleepovers but not hosting them.  Well, maybe one for my tenth birthday.

Blake is still having the hardest time with Parker's arrival.  Blake has been averaging at least one tantrum per day.  When he's with me, and discovers that Mommy isn't around, he'll go nuts and leave the house or gym to find her.

We are observing our drought restrictions.  If we don't cut our water consumption by 35%, they penalize us.  We are already below the 11000 gallon cap but I don't want my trees to die.  The grass is somewhat alive but mostly yellow.  Okay, that's all for now.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Borges Ranch

Danny has off on Tuesdays which is so wonderful for everyone.  We were going to go to Rock City in Mt. Diablo and last minute decided to go to Borges Ranch which is essentially an open space with some animals and historical buildings in Walnut Creek.  They have a little pond that the kids loved.  It is something you would look at as an adult and think that it is kind of gross, definitely want to stay out of and too small to really enjoy, but of course the kids LOVED it.  They explored, played with hundreds of baby toads, threw rocks and got to be kids.  I love watching my kids enjoy being kids.  The beginning of June means all the babies are out.  I love it.  We saw deer with two little babies, we have baby cats that were born in our neighbors yards that our kids love to watch and now baby toads. The kids played with the RC cars which was fun and said hi to the farm animals.  The sheep had some major wool that needed sheering.  Fun day for all!  So grateful we got to spend it together. Love making memories with the family and having Danny around for a day.


Overnight our Saturdays have switched from baseball to swimming.  Scott is the only one swimming this season.   Kira is a good swimmer but is scared to swim with her little group or at meets so I am just going to teach her to swim this year and hope that next year she will want to swim on swim team when she matures a bit.  Tyler doesn't want to swim but asked to sign him up for the next meet, so we shall see.  We had the 9&Under Invitational which Scott did great at.  Danny was off which was so nice.  I got to see some swimmers I used to coach that are now swimmers and many familiar coaches and swimmers.  It is always fun to be in the east bay again.  Scott wasn't entered in the meet because they didn't get our entry addition.  They got him into some empty lanes and I was proud of him for racing.  Usually he swim slow if he doesn't have kids to race.  So that is an improvement.  He went a best time in his free 31.9 and was just a little bit off his other races which was great considering he was racing himself.  The best part was that he was happy no matter what.  He just missed a record he was going for by 3 hundreths and laughed.  The old Scott would have probably gotten upset.  Scott hates 50 fly, did a nice build up an was happy when he got a third in fly and is getting a little more comfortable swimming it each time he races.  Overall super proud of his maturity in having fun and not getting upset over what he places but how he swims.  

After swim we usually rush off to some activity whether it is a birthday party, get together, co-op or something.  Dedicating Sunday to church and family means saturday is usually fun filled.  We went to Jonathon and Christophers birthday party which is always a blast.  It is always for the whole family which is so nice and great to catch up with friends and see our kids play.  The backyard is a great place to play with the coolest hand built ship.  The kids had a blast playing in the water.  Parker is growing up so much!!  Love that little man and my big man so much!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Tyler finished up his second year playing baseball and did awesome!!  He wasn't on a very good team but didn't get bothered by loosing.  He cared about doing his best and was the star of the team which was fun for him. He got outs every game and hit all but twice at bat. His last game he made a double play and made a huge hit getting to second base.  He was an amazing short stop for the team and got lots of outs and hit almost every time he was up at bat.  So proud of him.  Glad that he had a good time and enjoyed playing.  He is a competitive kid at heart but doesn't let defeat get him down but motivates him to do better.  The one thing he would get upset at is when the person in front of him would get the 3rd out and he wouldn't get up to bat. Glad he enjoys it and glad he had such a great year. So proud of our little man!

Sunday, May 24, 2015


I still call Parker Blake but at least when I realize he is not actually Blake, I can remember his real name.  I CAN'T believe he is 2 months.  He is 12.5 pounds and doing well except for a clogged tear duct.  His doctor thinks he might have something that is underdeveloped in his lungs that with time babies outgrow.  I love him so much and so grateful for his presence in our life.  I think he is starting to actually smile.  Yesterday when I texted my friend his picture, she said it was just gas.  Yesterday on the couch and today at church he kept smiling and I really think he was smiling at me.  Whether it is gas or love, I love it either way.  Kira loves to have pictures taken of her.  She is so affectionate towards Parker.  Always wants to hold him and love him.  Blake on the other hand seems to be throwing endless tantrums since he arrived.  I have never had a child jealous of a baby but I really thin that Blake is jealous of him so I need to try to have special time with Blake.  We went to the demolition derby on Friday.  Parker was in the ergo and Blake LOVED holding my hand, sitting next to me and having me to himself since Danny was walking around with the other kids looking at tigers and such.  I realize he really needs that so going to see if giving him more attention will reduce his tantrums and anger. Parker is looking more like my other boys. None of the really look like each other but they all resemble each other.  He is doing a little better.  He has been my fussiest baby besides Tyler who had gallstones.  I used to think Colic was simply having a fussy baby, but now I realize that it is a real, very sad thing.  There have been some days that he cries and cries and cries and you can tell he is in pain.  The past week or so he seems to have turned a corner.  I cut out most dairy.  I drink soy milk most of the time.  I cut out chocolate but that didn't last very long.  I have no discipline.  I think the thing that helped the most is that I stopped pumping so my flow is slower and I am not drowning him and making him gulp in air.  His doctor claims that colic usually ends in the next couple of weeks or month so hoping that with time he will continue to be happier.  He is the first baby that I really do most of the work with. I think it is because I wanted a baby more than Danny so I feel like if I asked for him, I better be the one caring for him.  Also Danny has been so busy with work, that I want him to be able to relax when he is home.  But so grateful that when I am done, Danny will come to the rescue and do whatever I need help with which I am so grateful for.  I am so grateful I get to be a stay-at-home mom. Even after the long, hard days, multiple tantrums or exhaustion that comes with being with your kiddos all day, I wouldn't change it.  So grateful Danny works so hard so that I can stay home.

Another Swim Season

Scott is a 9-10 this season which means he is swimming 50's.  I can't believe he is so old.  It seems like just the other day we were at Valley Vista when he was 5 and learning how to swim.  We had time trials last week and Scott did great.  He is having a lot of fun.  He has matured so much with finding a balance of having fun and being competitive. 

Tyler is not swimming this year because he gets too tired swimming more than a lap at a time.  I told him he could just tell his coach and just swim for a couple of minutes like he did last year if he wanted.  I was his coach last year so it was easy for me to tell him to get out or him to tell me when he was done but he doesn't want to do that.  I thought that maybe he would swim 7-8's since it is still 25's and stop when he was a 9-10 but even that is too much swimming.  I am so grateful he learned how to swim all the strokes last year, made great friends and even made it to County but realize that competitive swimming is not for him with his heart and grateful that he is happy hanging out at the gym, playing with friends and playing dodge ball when they have it instead of swimming.  I used to worry about what it would be like for him to not participate in certain sports but now realize it just kind of takes care of itself.  When heart kids don't feel good doing something, they obviously don't want to do it.  So grateful he gets to live a very normal life and doesn't yearn to do things that his body can't do.

As for Kira.  She is one tough little girl to parent. She has an iron will and will not give in.  She did great the first week of mini practices, it got cold and she was miserable.  I told her coach that if she got cold she could get out but they would keep her in until she was beyond done.  We moved up to an earlier time which is warmer and a smaller group and she is enjoying it.  She was signed in for time trials.  Jumped in, did great for about 1/4 lap and then started crying and wanted to get out because when she stopped people started passing her.  As my sister put it, "she is my mini-me."  What 5 year old in her first meet is even aware of winning or loosing?  Ha! Wish me luck with her, I will need it.

We went to an invitational yesterday which was a lot of fun.  Only about 10 kids went from our team which was so fun for our kids.  Our little kids ran around playing tag most of the day and entertained each other.  Summer and Eva entertained the little girls and the boys played legos and magna tiles the entire time.  Plus, Danny had off for the 3 day weekend which was AWESOME!!  I can't remember the last meet he was able to come to a meet.  When we got to the meet and saw that it was a huge meet, he wasn't happy, but at the end of the meet explained how much fun he had.  I don't know if he has ever been to a big invitational so that was so nice.  It is surprising how you can actually have fun just sitting around waiting for a 30 minute swim.  Scott did great.  He swam 100 free, which rec never does and did great.  He is actually looking pretty good in his fly and made County in his back by over a second.  Most importantly, he felt good about himself after each swim. He got 2nd in all his races which was awesome.  He really wanted a little bracelet they give the heat winners and almost won the back but ultimately didn't seem to care and just felt good about swimming his best.  It is fun to see him mature.  

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Parker had a good week this week.  Heidi has switched from cow milk to soy milk, plus reduced her chocolate intake, and that makes Parker less fussy.  We had a real hard time with him before the diet switch.  It used to be that when he was awake, he was fussy.  Today, he was awake for over 30 minutes without fussing.  That's got to be a record for him.  

I know these pictures aren't that good, but they're better than nothing.  Besides, when you're the last kid, you realize that certain things get neglected.  Birth order is a funny thing.  But more important than that is realizing that kids are born with their personalities.  For our kids, in the nature vs nurture equilibrium, the scale lies much more in favor of nature.

Now I'm going to have a nap.