Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Parker Update

Parker is such a great baby!!  He is 3 weeks old and doing great.  He is a good eater, up to 9 pounds at his 2 week check up and we are so in love with him.  The kids love to hold him.  Scott attempts at diaper changes, Kira strokes him and holds him and Tyler is so sweet with him.  Blake calls him Baby Parker and loves him but is acting out quite a bit which could be a result of not being the baby or moving or turning into a strong willed 3 year old.

Parker sleeps most of the time.  He makes noises and grunts when he is up and loves to look around. He will sleep through anything and anywhere.  We went to the jelly belly factory when he was a couple of days old because the kids were on break and he did great.  He hangs out at the park, my work and is held and adored by all. He is an easy addition to the family.  He sleeps pretty well at night.  Is usually up 3-4 times at night which is pretty typical of my kids.

So grateful for all the help we have received.  I realize with every kid I am more and more willing to receive help and how grateful I am for my friends who love him, hold him and help me.

We just adore him.

My labor was pretty easy.  Danny gave an update and here is my version.  I decided to go the hospital around 2 because I was having back pain and just didn't feel great.  When I got there, I was a 4 and my blood pressure was too high so they admitted me.  Had a hysterical OB who wanted to break my water and have the baby in 30 minutes but after consulting with the pediatrician decided to give me my 4 hours of antibiotics for group b strep.  So we walked around the halls trying to get me to progress, but I knew that nothing eventful would happen until my water broke.

4 hours later I was a 5, had my full dose of antibiotics and the doctor came to break my water.  I asked for an epidural which he thought I didn't need because I would have the baby in no time from my history.  I asked him if he ever went from a 5-10 in 30 minutes which he said I could do but which I didn't want to do without drugs.  In came the anethesiologist which I thought paralyzed me.  Sharp, shooting, horrible pain in my leg.  Half my body got numb and my legs were so numb but my other side wasn't numb.  I was just glad sharp pain went away.

About 30 minutes later doctor came in to say I was ready to have the baby.  I had to push for what seemed like forever (probably 15 minutes) and had the baby.  Nobody had sympathy when Danny and were saying that this was way longer pushing than past babies because it was still pretty quick but I could feel nothing.

Afterwards, Parker was great.  He fed great.  He looked great.  I felt great except for annoying numbness which eventually wore off.  My pain was minimal.  I took a shower that morning which always makes me feel so good and was ready to leave.  My ob released me but I needed to wait until 4pm to get his bilirubin blood work before pediatrician released him. Everything went well that day.  Our nurse was one of Danny's patients moms so that was kind of fun getting to know her.

Everything is great with Parker.  He will have an echo at 3-4 months to make sure is heart doesn't have any minor defects.  He will meet with a urologist at around 4-6 months because he has a condition called hypospadias. His urinary tract is not totally centered so a urologist needs to look at it and decide if he should circumcise or repair.  Everyone who has looked at it thinks they might just leave it because it is pretty minimal but we shall see.  It is always amazing at all the minor things that can go right or wrong when a baby is forming.  I guess this is the number 2 birth defect in boys occurring in 1/300 boys.  Hearts is probably #1.  After reading literature on it, so grateful and fortunate it is not more severe.  We feel very blessed for his health and for great doctors in our area.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Krey Coyotes song kickoff

A couple of months ago I asked the office personnel at the elementary about the school song.  Turns out there's no song.

So I wrote one myself.

Last year, right before Christmas break, I pitched it to the principal.  I had emailed him a couple of times with no response, and then one morning, I saw him directing traffic.  He was talking with a disgruntled parent, and I said, "I gotta talk to you."

He probably thought I was another disgruntled parent, but I said, "I made up a song about Krey."

He had this worried look.

I continued, "It's a spirit song, you know, one we can sing at assemblies."  Then he started to perk up and we went to the cafeteria where there's a piano.  Pianos in Utah were mainstream but in California they're precious commodities.  I sang the song and he was really impressed.

Then I said, "I was worried you'd say, 'Well, why not make it fair and open it up to the student body?  Then we'll vote on the best song.'"  He said, "Yeah, maybe we could do that, but since this is already done, let's just go with it."

Today was the kick-off assembly.  I brought my 1989 Ensoniq keyboard, but the stinkin' thing wouldn't initialize!  I couldn't troubleshoot it in time for the gig so we used my garage band recording, with a piano track from the Cable console, a guitar track, and vocals.  Here's the video.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Parker's a week old.  He's a nice guy.  Heidi went to the women's broadcast tonight.  Britton and his kids came over and we hung out while attending to the baby.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Parker Jack McMillan and some birthdays

Pretty eventful week for the McMillans.  Grammy visited from Utah from Monday-Saturday, Kira turned 5 on Friday, Blake turned 3 on Saturday, and Parker Jack was born on Saturday evening.  

 Kira got some Hello Kitty stuff, a helmet, and some markers.

 Blake got some coloring stuff and a bubble machine.  He was stoked about the bubbles.

Twas a busy Saturday morning.  Here are some pictures from my big camera.

The kids met Parker on Sunday.  Kira was the most interested and natural with him.

Tyler wanted in, too, though he was more awkward.

Blake couldn't have cared less and just wanted to play iPhone.

Scott was curious but nervous, so he didn't hold the baby.

Then Pop, Heather and Paisley joined us at the home for din din, more presents, and cake.

Tonight Cindy and her kids brought us dinner.  I'm pretty stoked about how big the table gets.

Heidi seems in good spirits, so that's good.  I worked today and had a good day.  Okay, bye.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Baby #5 arrived

Baby #5 was born last night between 9:42 and 10:00 weighing 7lbs 8 oz and measuring 20".  I had Saturday off, so Heidi and I continued putting the home together while the kids entertained playdates.  I was happy that our home is open to guests because that's how Heidi's home was and she enjoyed it.

A little after lunch, Heidi complained of back pain and thought she was going into labor.  Kathleen came to the house to watch the kids and Heidi and I took the car to Kaiser.  She had group b strep, so they had to do four hours of antibiotics before breaking her water.  Her OB was my kind of guy:  matter-of-fact with a good sense of humor.  

I know everyone says that birth is such a beautiful experience but I just don't like it.  Heidi got an epidural which wasn't her best one, and she threw up a couple times.  She had to push quite a few more times than with previous labors but it was still under 30 minutes.  The baby came out purple and then the placenta came out all fibrotic brown.  When Scott was born, the placenta came out bright purple and I about fainted when I saw it.  There were quite a few staff in the room and they must have been concerned about something because otherwise they'd be hanging out in the lounge.  

The purple baby started to cry and the pediatrician was relieved.  Then everyone cleared out and we chilled for a bit with the baby.  He seemed to do well with his nightly feedings even though I felt like we were up every hour.  Heidi says he was better than Blake.  The hide-a-bed I slept in wasn't too bad and we slept pretty well from 5-7.  We still don't have a name because we wanted to see what he looked like, but we were on google this morning searching for names again.  Heidi wants to go home now and she's probably fit to do so, but I think it'll take longer than expected.  

He and Blakey share a birthday.  Kira's birthday was the 20th.  I'll upload her pictures from the big camera when I get home.  

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Scott turned 9 on Wednesday.  We celebrated with Pop, Heather, Roman and Paisley at Skipolini's pizza in Antioch.  Scott got lots of cool gifts.  

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas and bikes

Christmas 2014 was nice.  We usually go to Heather's church on Christmas Eve and then have dinner at Pop's house.  I texted Heather to say that we were running late and we'd just meet her at church, when she responded with a text that her dad was locked in the bathroom.  I thought maybe he had passed out or something but it was that the door mechanism had failed.  I went over and Jason and I ended up just cutting the trim off the door and using a card to push in the plunger.  

I was pretty stoked about our tree.  I like getting real trees because of the smell, and Foodmax has them for $20.  I went in the lot and most of them were tied up.  I asked the guy whether he could untie any and he said no.  So I selected one that looked the fullest and strapped it on the van.  Heidi was like, "Are you sure?"

"This is the one I've selected.  It's all bound up.  If you want to select a tree, you're welcome to do so but this is the one I've selected."  

It turned out that it was perfectly symmetrical, full, and beautiful!  Twenty bucks from the grocery store!  

I collected several clips of the kids on their bikes and used IMovie to put together this little video.  You just can't beat the convenience of a phone camera and I think the quality is good.  I used to love making movies in college and dental school and I'd spend a lot of time editing them.  Admittedly, Adobe premier is more powerful than IMovie but the latter is way faster.  Maybe I'll get final cut pro, but not just yet.  This will have to do.  I am most pleased about Blakey riding his bike at two years old.  He loves it.  I had to overhaul the crank bearings and rear hub and it's working pretty well.  Jacquie got that bike for Scott in like 2008 and Blakey is the only one who learned to ride it without training wheels.  The rest of the kids learned on Little Bike.  Now we're fully mobile with one kid per bike.  Well, that's all gonna change in a few months.  But let's just enjoy things as they are.  Okay, bye.