Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Snug Harbor

Danny and I wanted to go away for my 30th. The original idea of going to Monterey or Napa with Danny sounded fun but not the perfect. I found the perfect little cabins on the water for the entire family. I was so excited hoping it would be a relaxing weekend with a kitchen, warm shower, cute cabin with fishing, a playground, sandy beach area and enclosed camp site for the kids to roam would actually be as dreamy as it sounded. Well, it was! It was SOO fun. I loved every minute of it realizing how great my twenties have been and how great my thirties will be. Each decade truly becomes more rich and full of love as my family grows in so many ways. The weekend summed up my greatest family! No agenda, no plans, no urgency, nothing to do....just hang out with each other and do whatever we pleased or didn't please to do at the moment. This is my dream vacations.
Arriving by Ferry. We went to church and left on a much larger ferry. I will post pics later. The boys, including Danny loved the experience. Pretty cool. It would just go back and forth to pick
up cars.

Snuggle Inn #9. Upstairs was a loft where the boys slept, hung out or did gymnastics on the mats. Downstairs was our room, the kitchen, family room and bathroom. Inside was just as nice and cute as the outside. Scott liked watching the boats go by.

This is for Grampy...we thought how much Danny's dad would have loved this trip and thought of him everytime his identical twin fishing boat, the Afterburner, passed by.
The beach. The kids loved jumping in and out of the water over and over and over again. Kira loved playing with her brothers. It is so fun to see her interact with them. I love seeing sibling relationships form.

Kira loved to hang out on the deck. We would be inside and she would wonder outside just to get fresh air. Here she is enjoying the marshmallow's during smore time.
Easter Egg Hunt. I didn't hide all of the candy. I left some of it in a plastic bag and Scott comes running out, "I got the jack-pot!" He found my unhidden candy and was sooo excited.

Fishing. I sat with Scott one night for over an hour and he asked me all about my childhood, mission, marriage, etc. It was a moment I will never forget.

And of course we played with the RC toys. Tyler kept doing flips that he was excited about. Scott did a couple but the bandit didn't flip as well. The boat was fun and everyone had a great time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


You go, girl. Next we'll get you a Sonicare.

Scott showing me how many fizz candies he can tolerate at once. When he's older, I'll tell him about when I fit two full size doughnuts in my mouth before chewing them up.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birthday Wish List

Tyler got a Pet-Scan yesterday. Danny had the day off and it was really nice to have him with us for the morning. After Tyler was injected with radioactive technetium-99, he kept telling me he wanted two shots for his birthday. I was a little confused why he wanted shots for his birthday, so he explained he was going to give his new friends at the hospital the shots.

On that note....I am an advocate for my child and feel all parents who spend a lot of time in the hospital should know that there are IV specialists. The first tech searched and searched in vain for a vein. They don't see ped's that much. My rule is one failed attempt and IV team gets called. I used to sit and watch up to three failed attempts. That can be problematic when you are in the hospital for a long time and have a lot of collapsed veins. I now spare Tyler the extra pokes and bring in the experts. Sometimes we need to wait a little longer, which I totally understand. There are serious emergencies going on and we were getting a simple test. With that said, it is worth it to wait to risk one less bad experience. They work with peds, have handy little lights that find veins and are awesome!! Must take advantage of the hospital perks!

Tyler didn't love his morning. He thought the machine was going to crush him as it got as close to his chest as possible. I promised him that it would stop. Nothing some sugar, chips and birthday dreams of administering shots to make others suffer like he did couldn't fix. Is that normal?

Anyway, here is our little burrito...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

More of the guinea

No one knows why the term "guinea pigs" was chosen for test subjects, because mice and rabbits were much easier to come across for laboratory research. But that's just for your gee-whiz collection. Our guineas have been patient creatures for our developing kids.

And here is Tyler, looking for some bugs.

Here's Kira, just being cute.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On Monday we went to Vallejo Tires for some used tires for Heidi's car.

Dr. McMillan, quality assurance advisor

Yeah, of the four tires, two of them had screws all the way through. You can't tell on this one, but the treadwear markers were exposed.