Monday, March 31, 2008


Tilden Park Steam Train. Scott LOVES trains. It was a beautiful ride through the redwoods in the Berkeley Hills. Scott tried to catch the steam whenever it was in the sky and loved to sing CHOO-CHOO-WOO-WOO throughout the entire ride.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

I love the boardwalk. We had a fun day riding as many rides as possible and hanging out at the beach. Our family is so blessed to be able to make all of these fun and amazing memories. A friend reminded me that amidst Tyler's health he is blessed with a wonderful life. I thought of all the children born into families with so little opportunity and times like this to enjoy. We are so blessed. Life couldn't be much better. Enjoy the pics.

Pictures from the sky brought to you by Danny and Scott....

Danny's favorite things at the boardwalk...his beautiful wife and "The Fireball"

Some of Scott's favorite rides. He made the height requirement by 1". I was surpised how much he loved the rides with dad. Nothing compares to see your sons having a blast with dad. Danny is the best dad to Tyler and Scott. They are so blessed.

Scott loved when Danny grabbed for these metal rings to throw in the clowns mouth. That was the best part of the carousel ride for him. He thought it was hysterical. I love the little enjoyments your kids get out of the simplest things in life.

"WaWa" ride as Scott calls it. He kept saying how wet he got from it.

My three happy boys. How did I get so lucky?

A little picnic at the beach. Scott chased the seagulls, got buried about 5 times, searched from treasures in the sand, Danny took a nap & Tyler played with his dads cap. We left very tired and glad that Scott didn't insist on going in the cold water with the other kids.

Being unable to go out for so long has made me appreciate days like this. I used to take so much for granted. It is interesting how we learn and grow through trials. I wouldn't change anything in our lives. I have a wonderful husband, two perfect sons, jobs we love, great friends and family and live in a beautiful part of the country with so many great things to do.

Friday, March 28, 2008

HLHS Families

Please continue to keep Gracie Gledhill in your prayers as she continues her fight with HLHS. Doctors are planning on bridging her from ECMO tomorrow which is a big day for her.

Also please keep the Butcher family in your prayers, as their beautiful girl Annabelle lost her fight to HLHS yesterday. Her parents wrote, "Her precious life has touched so many people and it is our prayer that it continues to touch you and strengthen your faith. She fought so hard and did so well. We couldn't be more blessed. We have peace in knowing that we will see her again!" Thank you for sharing her beautiful story!

I met a woman whose nephews' son has HLHS. I told her how blessed we feel everyday to have Tyler in our lives. He has changed our lives forever by teaching us about faith, love and hope. She said that these children come to amazing families. I thought a lot about that and feel so blessed for the association (many through blogging) that I have with other heart families and how inspired and lifted I am because of their stories. Everytime I look at Tyler I think of the lack of hope we received from medical professionals when he was diagnosed. We were told that most families terminate these children and were given so little hope. We knew that he was to fulfill his mortal mission, whatever that would be, and we were so grateful for our knowledge of a loving Heavenly Father who cares for us and has a plan for us to be together forever. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about others who were given the guidance we were and out of despair chose to give up on these children. I really want to do something to spread the news of hope for HLHS. I want to organize a support group in the Bay Area for HLHS so families can see the love these children bring their families for the days, months or years that we are blessed to have them in our lives.

Wagon Ride

I LOVE the warm weather and where we live!!! Scott and Tyler enjoyed a wagon ride together and we enjoyed lunch at CPK. I sometimes look at pictures and can't believe how big and grown up Scott is. He actually sits and enjoys eating out with mom, dad and Tyler. I remember the days when going to restaurants was impossible. Scott and Tyler are both at easy stages that makes eating out fun. We will cease the months that this is possible.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fun at the Bains

We had a church dinner party at the Bains which was a lot of fun. A cool photo Danny took of the moon.
David & Dayna Bain, Norma & Ken Bailey, Stephanie & Michael Hilton and us eating yummy good everyone brought.

We played 2 truths and 1 lie. A game where you have to guess what the lie is around their fire-pit. It was really fun. How well do you know us?? Danny: 1) Heidi & I met on our missions in Spain 2) I a model for Safeway Dogfood 3) When I ran sound at BYU, I fell asleep at the mixer, and got heavy feedback during a huge assembly. Heidi 1) I was the first female wrestler for my high school 2) I was a liver candidate for Tyler 3) I was Danny's first kiss.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Danny's Photography

Danny loves doing portrait photography. He took some pictures of Marley, my sister's dog, at Easter which I love. If anyone needs a family, child, or animal portrait give Danny a call.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Prayers for Gracie

Please keep this sweet family in your prayers. Grace got her Norwood yesterday and was put on ECMO last night after her heart stopped. I know that your prayers and the will of the Lord were a large reason why Tyler made it off ECMO and why he is doing so well. There is hope for these little babies. The Norwood procedure is sometimes just too hard for their little bodies to endure at the time. Sometimes their hearts just need a little break before being able to pump again on their own.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Go Tyler Go!

Emily Fishers mom, Suzy, is a therapist and inspired me to get this boy going with his workouts. I truly feel people are placed into Tylers life just at just the right time. Suzy is awesome. We got papers going again (the first round were lost) with Regional Center East Bay which will do therapy for Tyler until he is 3. Here he was about 3 weeks post-op but didn't seem to mind with his chest. Let the tummy time and catch-up begin.

Work those jello legs! Go Tyler go!

Of course Scott needed his turn. He was a wild man on this thing. I can't believe it could hold his weight. I told his pediatrician that it is amazing we didn't need to come in from a crashing Johnny Jump Up. It was very fun.Yummy Car. We need to get him an excersaucer for home.

That was hard work...time for a nap!

Easter Egg Hunt

Scott and Tyler with the Easter Bunny. Scott can't keep his hands out of his candy. Scott stuffing his face minutes after working so hard to collect his candy. He was really into the hunt this year.
Scott loves when Tyler can do things with him. He always calls his brother over to him wherever he is. I am so blessed to have two boys to be so close in age. Nothing compares.
Scott jumping off the rocks.

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday. It was the first time Scott wasn't afraid of the Easter Bunny which is quite exciting. We weren't going to take a picture since he screamed last year and at Christmas, but after he saw the bunny he couldn't wait for his turn. Stay tuned for more pictures of Easter Sunday.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Congratulations Emily and Chris!!

Congratulations Emily and Chris!!! First toast to celebrate your love. Some of the GG's, my wonderful girlfriends from High School.Anyone missing their bean-o? Christian was excited to find and confiscate the bottle. Maybe it is included with New Mecca's catering.
Yipee! Several times throughout the night people had bursts of cheering and excitement. Sometimes you just can't hold it in. What is up with the stance of my leg. I realize I do that a lot. Note to self...need to stop that.
Danny was excited about the slurpee machine. He thought someone was finally thinking of the sober Mormons. Maybe next time Danny.
Tyler's first party. One never to be forgotten.
Another "Gap Girl" (my girl-friends were named this in High School) is tying the knot. Three down, a whole bunch to go. Chris and Emily are getting married in Colorado and had an engagement party last night at her parents house that was sooo fun!! I always have a blast with my girl friends. They truly are an amazing group of people. They are all so unique, intelligent, beautiful, fun, outgoing, hysterical, and great dancers which always equals a great time. Some high lights include Gary's great speech, the dance-off of Danny and Christian, laughing at horrible pictures, b-ball game for the guys, friends, laughter, and some great easter egg comments. I finally feel like my life is normalizing after Tyler. Two open heart surgeries, 1 cardiac arrest, gall-bladder attacks, constant crying and no sleep for the last 6 months are a thing of the past and we are ready to party. So call, come by, hang out and have fun.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Choose my new haircut

I am sick of my hair and am thinking about going for shorter hair this summer. It has been a while since I have cut my hair short. It is probably due to my traumatic experiences as a child when someone thought it was cute to have me in a "pixie" which others mistook as a "boy" haircut. Please help me choose from one of these or suggest a style of your own if you think that these are not for me. I would really appreciate your help! I really do value your opinions. Happy choosing.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tylers Cardiology Update

Tyler is doing great. We introduced him to solids which he loves probably because the alternative is a horrible tasting formula or meds. I am sure peas and bananas are heavenly for him. He has been home for 10 days and gained over a pound. Can you believe it? Prior to surgery he didn't gain any weight for about 2 months due to his heart, postponed surgery and liver. The boy is now up to 12 lbs 5 oz. He left the hospital around 11 pounds. Still lots to gain, but we are just so proud of him. They took out his chest tube stitches today. His oxygen sats were 92. His heart seems to be doing well. We have another echo in 1 month and possible cardiac cath to further examine the need for an angioplasty for stenosis of his pulmonary artery. If they decide he needs a cath he will go back to UCSF in about 6 weeks. The procedure is minor compared to his surgeries but still has risks involved. We know the doctors will make the right decisions for Tyler. We feel so blessed to have such a great medical team.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Borges Ranch

Scott loved this guy. He wanted to feed, pet and hug him.

cheating at horse-shoes.
Eating some lunch.
Look at me drive!!
Cutest baby around.
Cow doesnt want us to leave.

This is a park in Walnut Creek that is always so beautiful, peaceful, empty and has tame animals that Scott loves to pet. Danny tried to lasso a wooden bull (he needs some practice) and Scott was a great horse-shoes player even though he cheated a bit. A fun day with the fam!