Friday, July 24, 2009


Danny made it out of the house for Scott's gymnastics class this week and even managed to take some photos. Each day Danny is able to be up for longer periods of time. We are so proud of Scott. He is such a good listener and really concentrates on everything that teacher Laura says. Why isn't he more like that with me?? Anyway, Scott loves his class and this is why...
I get to play with Tyler while Scott is in his class. Tyler is a little young for the classes but can't wait for next year.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Grampy on the Train

Danny's dad took the boys to the Tilden Park Train to spend some time with them. They had a great time riding the train and throwing rocks into the lake. Thanks Grampy!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hospital Day In Pictures

Danny shaved his head for the big day...
It was great having Glen, Danny's dad, out for a couple of days. Thanks Glen!
One last stretch and walk on his bad hip before surgery.
Starting to feel good.
Starting to feel really good.
One of Danny's surgeons, Dr. Todd Lincoln.
More instruments, I am sure the chisel is in here somewhere. Instead of sawing the bone they chisel it to break it. Supposedly this reduces the heat friction and necrosis.
Danny's anesthesiologist.
Post op, 10PM when we could finally see Danny
Giving him some ice.
Danny conquering PT (kind of)...he always got really faint from low blood levels, but had a great attitude.
His room in the telemetry unit which we loved.
Getting ready to go home. Dressed for the first time.
Seeing the scar for the first time. The nurses thought there would be staples, so not bad. It it about 6 inches

Monday, July 6, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Danny Update

Day 1 & 2 - Uneventful with an Epidural
Danny had an epidural the first two days which really alleviated a lot of his pain. He was surpised how good he felt and was in great spirits.

Day 3 - Fainting & Irregular EKG
Danny got up for the first time with a physical therapist. He did great and was asked to sit in a chair for about 2o minutes to get used to being up. Suddenly, he started calling for help followed by my calling for help that he was going to faint. Nobody responded. He fainted and I thought what is wrong with these people? I should have yelled emergency or my husband fainted because as soon as I yelled he fainted doctors galore came to our rescue. He woke up a couple minutes later, saying, "I am done fainting now, but my hearing is still gone now." He was fully aware that he was going and I was the only one there to hold him in his little chair. Thank goodness he didn't fall forward. Well, fainting is usually no big deal, but they ran precautionary tests which showed an abnormal EKG indicative of a heart attack. Turns out he just has an abnormal baseline and was probably due to amnemia which makes sense. We got transferred to a more acute unit that could monitor his heart which was actually a huge blessing. They were so attentive and so on top of helping us which was great.

Day 4-5
Got up a couple more times. The hardest part for him was managing the pain. The wean from an epidural to IV drugs to oral meds is always tricky. The drugs they were giving him at first didn't work. He was finally really happy with percocet. You just have to keep going until you find something that works for you. Some of the harder medication just didn't work for him or made him feel sick or whatever. Almost fainted again coming down the stairs which was really painful because he had to swing his bad leg forward. Overall, he did great in the hospital, was so kind and understanding to all. I think I would have been much more irritated. I never saw him get irritated or upset, when I think most people would. He was so gracious, positive and trying his best to do what was best for him. He received 2 units of his own blood, which helped his blood levels. His numbness is bothersome. It goes from his hip down to his knee and he really can't feel any tactile sensation. We are hoping and praying it returns.

Day 5
Came home 4 hours after expected due to a missed signature on a triplicate. We do not have good experiences with these. When Tyler got one, they told me to start going to other hospitals at 6PM to find Methadone for drug withdrawal, which he really needed. With Danny, the doctor returned 4 hours after he said he would to sign the paperwork he forgot to sign. If there is something you learn in hospitals it is patience. We enjoyed watching one of Dannys favorite shows, Monk and some golf in the meantime as well as found some positive feedback forms to recognize some outstanding nurses. Finally made it home which feels so good. It is great to be with the kids again!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


We got there at 10:30, they started the actually surgery at 2:00 and he was out about 6 hours later at 8:00. We finally saw Danny at 10:00 in his room. The surgery went well. They cut the acetabular, had to shave his femor because it was really rough. Overall, he had minimal bleeding and they didn't need to transfuse him. He was in good spirits before and after the surgery and said that he didn't feel much pain. He has an epidural and will try to get up today. I was so proud of how nice he was to everyone and how relaxed he appeared. They accidentally cut a nerve which gives his skin sensation. They tried to repair it, but are unsure if he will regain feeling in the upper part of his leg. We are expecting to be in the hospital 3-5 days so will be home probably Saturday or Sunday for a couple month recovery. It feels good to have the surgery behind us and move forward to rehab and recovery. Glen, Danny's dad came to town for 3 days which is really nice. We have photos that we will post and will continue to keep you updated. He is at Kaiser Oakland if anyone works in Oakland and wants to visit.