Thursday, October 31, 2013

Heidi's Back

Its been a long time blogger.  Thanks to my dear husband, we still have some memories of what is going on. Here is an update on life...

Scott.  Scott is such a good boy.  He is a great leader, listener and just such a good son and brother.  He continues to be my emotional boy so I need to remember to be sensitive to his needs.  I pick them up on their bikes and everyone says hi to him; on the street, in their cars, wherever.  I don't know how he knows so many people. I am trying to teach him that he needs to respond.  He just did soccer, which he enjoyed.  He likes being with his friends.  His team this year won 1 game.  They had a lot of kids who were not athletic.  In the past he would have been frustrated of their losses, but while he wanted to win, it didn't bother him.  He simply knew that they weren't that good.   He had fun and always had a smile of his face.  He is also swimming which he enjoys and he can't wait for baseball to start up.

Tyler.  For a while Tyler was coughing to breathe better, and just seemed tired, but lately he has been doing better.  I wonder if it is the change in seasons or if his heart function was down.  These periods seem to come and go.  I don't worry about them, because I don't think it would do much good, but maybe I should worry more.  His cardiologist is retiring at the end of the year, which is so sad.  We love him dearly and will miss his expertise, calmness and heart full of love.  He has his yearly physical tomorrow and cardio appt in December. Praying everything looks good.  His nurse asked how school was going and said he was doing great.  She said he shouldn't do PE and I told her about how he did the first week but came home not loving it so now he just walks.  She said sometimes kids prefer to go inside and do computers or such and I said he is always given that opportunity but just likes to watch.  I am grateful that he is comfortable with who he is and knows his limits.  Such a blessing.  He is doing well at reading, gets math and memorizes really easily.  He is also enjoying learning the piano which is fun.  We always envisioned Tyler having a harder time in school because of his rough start in life and oxygenation issues, but he is doing great.  Most importantly happy he is happy.  He seems to have an easier time making friends and his friends like him, so that is nice to see.

Kira.  Kira loves being with her friends.  She talks about what she learned, tells people about her school and asks when she is going to see her friends at school.  It is very cute and very different than the boys.  Scott didn't mind it, Tyler was not stoked ever to be dropped off, but did ok when he was there, but Kira looks forward to it. Kira continues to make everyone smile.  She is friends with everyone and everyone seems to like her or at least laugh at the crazy, full of energy, outgoing little girl that she is.  She is one of a kind.  She is miss athletic and we find herself climbing, jumping and rolling from place to place.

Blake.  18 months.  He is the Scott look a like.  He loves to hang out with Danny in the garage.  He is pretty calm, but entering the stage that he knows what he wants and will let you know.  When he hears motorcycles on the road, he makes engine noises which always makes me smile.  He is pretty self sufficient and for the most part takes care of himself.  Lately he has been trying to take of his diaper and sit on the toilet, which I don't have the time or energy for.  I think I potty trained Scott around this age, but I don't think I could do that with him because I have other kids...this summer sounds good.  He and Kira have become good little buddies since the boys are at school.  He just loves his siblings.  Scott is so good with him.  He doesn't talk much but understands everything you say which is nice.

Danny.  Danny struggles with daily back pain, which is probably the hardest trial we have ever gone through.  It is so hard seeing him in pain.  It affects everything.   I just pray that one day he will get some relief.  His work is going well.  We are so grateful that he has a job that he enjoys and that he is so good at.  He has made so many friends in the community through work which is great to see.  He loves his projects.  He is always either fixing his motorcycle, car or something mechanical.  He seems to get things given to him to fix up which he enjoys.  It is his outlet which is so nice.

My Mom.  What a journey these past couple of months have been.  I am grateful for this time we have had with my mom.  It has been really special to everyone.  My mom has been doing ok, but is starting to complain more and more of pain.  It is hard to see her not be able to do what she wants to do. More than anything she wants to be able to play with the kids, enjoy life, and treasure the time she has but her body limits her.  She still has control of one hand so can feed herself and do small things with her hand, but it is tiring.  She remains optimistic amidst her pain and her struggles.  I can't imagine what she must be feeling and going through at times.  I try to just listen and encourage her and let her know that she is loved.  The peace that she once felt seems more distant now which is kind of sad to see. How grateful I am to know that there is a better world to come, free from the pain and illnesses of this world.  I wish that she had that knowledge and peace of that hope.  That is perhaps the hardest part of this journey for me.  So we just try to fill her day with love and be there for her and help her feel our love.  How grateful I am for my family.  You realize at the end of life that relationships are significant and everything else is insignificant.  She led such a wonderful life full of family and friends which is so wonderful to see bless her life now.

Heidi.  My thyroid has been out of wack again.  It has such a huge affect on your health.  It is crazy.  For the first time since after my mission I have to watch what I eat.  My hair is a straw mess again and I can easily sleep for 12 hours a night.  I should probably go get it tested and medicated.

I talked on loving the Lord with all your heart, might, mind and strength.  I like posting my talks so that I have them for future reference, but every time I sat down to write my talk, ideas came, but nothing came on the paper.  I had an impression that I should just organize my thoughts and be led by the spirit.  I woke up that morning, hoping to organize my ideas, but had a hard time doing it probably because I wanted more than a general out;line.  Finally, a couple minutes before leaving, when I had no time left, I wrote down a simple outline. I am never nervous before speaking, but was slightly nervous before church.  It is so easy when you have everything you are going to say in front of you.  But I knew that everything would go alright and it did.  A couple of people have sent me nice little cards saying how the talk helped them so of course the Lord knew what people needed to hear better than I knew.  It was definitely inspired and I am grateful for the opportunity I had to be led by God and grow.The gist of the talk ended up being how we can love the Lord our God amidst hard times, why trials come into our lives and the importance of loving him 100%.

I have been busy writing a book which is kind of like a bible study.  I really feel it is has been inspired and what I need to do now.  I have no idea why, but excited to see what the Lord has in store.  So just plugging along.  Trying to work on my patience and not dwell on the insignificant things in life that sometimes get me frustrated or frazzled.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Trunk or Treat

Saturday was the church's trunk-or-treat at Paul Krey's orchard.  Heather and Jason came and that was fun.  We ate chili, there were carnival-type games, and a spook alley.  Then the kids loaded up on sugar as they made the rounds of the cars' trunks.  Then the sugar withdrawal hit in the morning.

Earlier this week, Tyler's class had a pizza party.  I picked up the pizza and helped the class.  

After we ate, Tyler and I played on the blacktop.  Their game is called "kick-back," and I still don't know the rules, but while Scott and his friends were kicking it to me and my team, I kicked it real high in the air.  The kids were all going nuts about how high it was and the principal approached and said, "Hey, do me a favor.  Don't kick the ball so high.  See, cuz the kids raise their hands and then they jam their fingers."  

So I'm getting in trouble even as a parent.  

Heidi spoke in church today and did a good job.  She asked whether she should sit with us in the audience or up on the stand.  I told her that if she sits on the stand that the kids will be bad and she'll be able to observe us that way, but that if she sits with us, the kids will be better.  Right from the start, Blakey was fussy and Heidi took him out.  When it was her turn to speak, she went up and began her talk.  Kira then bolted up to the stand and the bishopric was amused.  She didn't want to sit still, so the bishop sat her on his lap.  She didn't like that either and I had to walk up and escort her off the stand.  I didn't bother to see who was watching me, and I wondered what would be the right thing to do.  You don't want that the sideshow be more entertaining than the main event, and Kira has a knack for obtaining the spotlight.  

Fortunately, we could hear her talk from the foyer.  Now I gotta make a different partition on the 20" iMac since Minecraft seems to be writing files to the startup disk.  So, bye.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Soccer with the big didge

Soccer season is almost over.  Scott has been playing at Shady Oaks park in Oakley and the other kids like to play on this play structure.  The game this morning was early and the lighting was good so I took some portraits.  

Tyler doesn't like having his picture taken sometimes and I have to do more candid ones.  He spends a lot of time with his iPad, which I guess is okay, given his diagnosis.

Blakey looks like Scott and me with his squinty eyes.  Heidi's sad that he's no longer a baby, but I'm glad.  Let's get him outta diapers!  Yeah.

Not their best smiles, but we don't have many posed pictures of them together.  All this while Scott played soccer.

They got smoked.  Scott likes when the ball comes to him but he's not aggressive.  He's good at goalie even though he didn't goal tend today.

Derrick has been a patient coach.  I wonder if he gets frustrated when the kids kick the ball the wrong direction or get caught staring at the sky.

TV update:  I hope this is Revenge's last season.  It's getting too slow and dark and evil.  Plus, Jack's character is turning into a depressed loser.  Charlotte's bangs look good but she seems to be turning into her mom.  I like Nolan's haircut but I miss his hacking feats.

Modern Family had a pretty funny episode this week.  I wonder how long they can keep it going because Luke's getting pretty old and the girls have to be getting into college soon.

Instead of Heidi watching Gossip girl, she's just been going to bed at eight.  Her thyroid seems to be off again.  My back's still jacked up even though I can now swim 500 yards in 10 minutes without stopping and I did DeNa's yoga class on Thursday.  I'm the least flexible in there and need the most help, but I don't mind when DeNa helps me.   I'm hoping that acupuncture sets things right because I'm tired of being in pain all the time.  I can't complain too much, though, because I can still work.  I had a good work week even though the VFR cut out on Thursday.

Okay, time to update this operating system and then I'm going to bed.  Night night.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The kids' photo skills

The kids wanted to take pictures this morning.  Scott grabbed the original didge and started taking these.  I told him about composition and using the zoom, vs. just moving closer to his subject.  I was pleased with how he took these.  Well, he coulda moved over so Tyler wasn't right in front of the computer, but let's not be too critical.  I had to take several courses before understanding the importance of composition.

Unfortunately, this newer ELPH's flash doesn't work.

Then Scott wanted to use the ten second timer so we could all be in the picture.  Heidi wasn't feeling well, so she stayed in bed while I did breakfast, church preps, and piano.  Here's the little didge's timer shot.

Next, Tyler asked to use the big camera, so we did a timer shot with it too.  I think it looks better, especially when you see it full size.  

Here's Tyler trying to compose the big camera on the big tripod.

 The kids wanted to do a silly shot, so here it is.  Good times.

Yeah, so Heidi stayed home from church.  I was happy to have dressed the kids, put them in the van, and arrived to church on time.  Sacrament meeting was a challenge though, and Marc commented that I had had a busy meeting.  I was like, "You could tell, huh?"  We were way at the back in the noisy section and I had to rescue the wandering Blakey about seven times  Even Kira refused to sit quietly, so I had to take her out.  She yells, "I'm sitting by TYLER!  Stop holding my arm!


The end of break

I've been lazy with my blogging.  I went on facebook twice this week, which is quite a bit more than usual.  I can see why people waste so much time on it.  But I also realize that people's phone pictures, which are often blurry, at least update their followers.  So in a way, you don't have to talk to your friends anymore.  You just check out their fb page.  

But I like blogging better, so here is my post about ice cream at Jon's in Brentwood.  The weather is turning cold and we were caught off guard when the sun went down and it got chilly.  Blakey didn't mind wearing Kira's pink jacket.  He was just content to have his ice cream cone.

This is my favorite one, right in front of the van.  My dope ride.  The kids had two weeks off from school and spent most of it watching netflix on the TV and computer.  Scott did minecraft and Tyler did iPad while the netflix was streaming.  Media-overdose?

You bet.  We got a notice from our lame internet service provider, AT&T, that we had exceeded our 150 gb data plan.  I don't recall ever reading that we were restricted to that, but whatev.  It has been mostly adequate for most of our needs with no more than five outages per day.   For real internet usage, comcast is the way to go.  But they are also twice as much and I have other ways to waste my money.

I did my first 500 yard freestyle swim without stopping.  That's just Heidi's warm-up, but it used to be my entire workout since previously, I lacked the stamina and technique to go more than 200 yards without stopping to catch my breath.  But this week, I paced myself and went for it.  I've also had to push more with my legs, rather than pull, and that has strengthened my core.  

Heidi's not been swimming as much, as it seems her thyroid is getting jacked up again.  It was last year at this time that she had the lump and the next few months were real challenging for us because of her fatigue.  It also messed up her hair and a big clump is missing on the middle 1/3 from mesial to distal.

Okay, that's all for now.  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I am always the first one up.  I try to do my stretches and shower before anyone else wakes up.  Of the kids, Kira is always the first one up.  Then Tyler.  Here are some photos of them imitating my pilates moves.  

I need to film Kira blessing the food.  When Tyler isn't awake to compete with Kira about who's going to pray, Kira says these long prayers.  Notable things mentioned:
Bless that we will go to Grandma's.
Bless that we will go floating (boating).
Bless that we will go play with Roman and Paisley.

There's more, I just can't remember.  Kira likes me to put her to bed and she has this fetish in which she likes to rub my ear.  When she gets tired, she whines, "I wanna rub your ear!"  Sometimes she likes to put her face up to my ear and smother me, and I'm not too keen on that.  The other night, she said, "You're my best daddy."  Gosh, Kira, thanks.  I'm your only daddy.  But I'll take it.