Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On Anonymous Comments

Spurred by three anonymous comments.

I got one anonymous comment on my blog that simply had a different opinion.  I realized that we have different morals in our household than most and many probably think I am different, which I am.  I am actually proud of that.  They weren't mean, just had a different opinion so don't really understand why they felt they needed to use anonymous but whatev..

But this is the one is the one that I just couldn't understand and the reason behind my post. It was downright mean.  I can't help but wonder why people feel the need to say mean things.  It was being mean about someone's teeth and why the mom didn't do anything about it.  Something she has 0 control over and I am sure would love to change.  My friend took the higher road and explained her situation better of having to wait for permanent teeth to come in.

I had the worse acne and teeth as a kid and I am not exaggerating.  If I had photos, I would show you.  You can't put braces on baby teeth or magically cure acne, so sometimes you just need to go through things as a kid that are tough.  And guess isn't always devastating.  Sometimes the hard things we go through are actually blessings.  I learned to gain confidence in who I was, not what I looked like.  I learned to ignore the mean things kids say. But here is the thing...they were innocent kids who said these things...not adults.

I don't understand. I am not saying that I am perfect and haven't said things that offended others.  If I have I hope that my friends understand it was not on purpose like some peoples comments. And I guess I shouldn't judge because maybe people don't realize that this could be hurtful.

Most of my friends who get mean comments are the beautiful, talented, hysterical people who everyone loves.  My theory on their blogs is portrayed in mean girls.  People are simple jealous and want them to feel bad.

When you are attacking someone personally don't spit the words out and go and hide behind anon.  If it was just a different opinion I am sure the reader would understand.  If you can't say it in a loving but different opinion kind of way maybe you shouldn't say it all.  And if you feel you need to say anonymous, question why you feel you need to use that. There are certain situations where I am sure it is needed, but many situations aren't and maybe it is just that you are being mean.

I know this is the wrong audience because I have never had a mean comment.   I have had different opinions a lot. I actally had some mean comments a while ago that I expected because of a heated political debate.  It was kind of intolerant but I understood where they were coming from and grateful we could both have different opinion.

But lets get real folks, most people have some sort of tracker and can often figure out who you are if they really want to.

So that is my rant for the day.

Just be nice!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Tigers

Danny took pictures for Scott's U-6 soccer team.  The photographer cancelled about a week ago so we just decided to go the free route.  The lighting wasn't perfect, but I think that they turned out great.  Aren't they a cute group of kids!  

Peri-acetabular osteotomy...PAO

Danny will have his right hip PAO on Friday. He started having hip pain as a teenager. His family doctor overlooked hip dysplasia and he was dismissed with, "don't be so hard on your body". He always felt his hips weren't alligned.

Educational moment....If you or someone you know is in hip pain GET IT LOOKED AT!! Go to specialists. Don't take "just deal with it" for an answer or wait until it gets worse. An x-ray was able to easily detect his dysplasia. Congenital Hip Dysplasia is usually treatable in infants and children. The older you get the worse it becomes. Your cartilage wears which can result in arthritis. Replacements aren't the best answer for a relatively young person since they don't last very long.  Be an advocate for your health or a loved one if you suspect hip dysplasia.

We had a miracle two years ago when Danny started to have severe pelvis and testicular pain. He went to specialists to figure out what was going and came back with the answer... hip dysplasia. He was told that if left untreated, his left hip would most likely become arthritic in a couple of years and unable to save.

His left hip was done two years ago. It was originally more painful and severe and now feels better than his right hip. This gives him hope for the upcoming surgery and recovery. His previous recovery was within normal limits. The surgeons cut a nerve and tried to repair it which caused a very painful neuroma. Danny couldn't take it one day, called the surgeon and they operated that week to sever the nerve. It made all the difference. He is planning all telling the surgeon to leave any damaged nerves instead of trying to stitch them up. The loss of sensation sometimes bothers him but nothing he can't live with.

He was in the hospital for five days. His surgery took about six hours. He was severly anemic following the surgery which caused an irregular SP wave in his EKG (a normal response). The neroma caused the most pain. He wasn't able to bear weight for 6 weeks, light weight bearing for another 6 weeks and was able to walk without crutches within 3 months. I think he was in bed for about a month with little jonts around the house.

He is excited to get the surgery behind him and be out of the daily pain that he lives in. He is in pain after walking 20 feet. He never complains but doesn't want to do anything that involves walking. We have friends who live in daily arthritis pain. At times crawling around the house because it is too painful to walk. We recognize that Danny is very blessed that their is a cure for hip dysplasia. There are so many diseases that don't have a cure yet . We are a family that truly understands the significance of all the doctors and researchers that spend their lives dedicated to finding cures to improve the lives of others. Thank You!

We have been blessed to be able to financially save for his surgery and time off work.  We are blessed and grateful for family that is able to help during recovery.  My parents will watch the kids while we are in the hospital, Danny's dad is coming out for a couple of days when he gets home from the hospital and we have countless friends who are ready to do whatever we need to make life easier.  

We will keep you updated.  

Hip dysplasia
Hip dysplasia is a developmental condition that is often recognized and treated in infancy. It is caused by an abnormal development of the hip joint. Normally, the hip socket or acetabulum develops its shape in response the head of the femur. If the head of the femur is positioned abnormally, the acetabulum can form with an angulated roof that slopes upward. This can lead to increased pressures on the cartilage of the hip as well as a persistent tendency for the femoral head to slide in and out of the hip with daily activities. This mechanical problem leads to a greater tendency to develop arthritis in middle age.(See Figure 1 )
In younger patients, this abnormality can lead to increased pain in the hip as well as tears of the labrum. When this condition is diagnosed in adulthood and the hip is still in the non-arthritic phase, there is still a chance to intervene prior to full blown arthritis. Standard radiographs only show the damage in its final stages. Newer types of studies such as MRI (See Figure 2) can show early damage to the structures in the hip.

Periacetabular Osteotomy

The most successful, safe, and predictable of these operations is termed the "periacetabular osteotomy", also called the "PAO". It was developed by two ingenious surgeons, Professor Reinhold Ganz and Dr. Jeffrey Mast in the early 1980’s. An osteotomy is the surgical division of a bone and periacetabular described the application of the osteotomy "around" the hip socket or “acetabulum”. The procedure involves making a series of angular cuts on the pelvis, separating the hip socket from the pelvis and allowing free rotation of the socket in three dimensions. It has proven to be one of the most effective surgical procedures in the treatment of hip dysplasia in adults. The major advantage of the procedure is the flexibility of placement of the hip socket in essentially any position and the preservation of the stability of the pelvic ring. The ability to freely position the hip socket gives your surgeon the ability to customize the correction of the anatomy to the specific deficiencies of that pelvis.

Advantages of PAO
After PAO, patients can bear weight much earlier than with other procedures and females who undergo the procedure can have normal future vaginal deliveries rather than requiring a Cesarean section.

Recovery After PAO
Most patients require hospitalization for 3 to 4 days and can get up with physical therapy on the day after the procedure. Crutches or a walker are usually continued for 6 weeks until there is some evidence of healing of the osteotomy site. After the 6 to 8 week mark, if there is evidence of healing of the osteotomy site on the xrays, patients can resume weightbearing. In many cases, they may have some slight muscle weakness which responds well to physical therapy. By three to four months, nearly everyone walks without a cane. The most gratifying part of the operation is to see patients return to high level activities and occupations without even thinking about their hip.

Potential Complications After PAO
Although the PAO is a relatively major hip operation, in many ways, it is the safest in the long run. The biggest risks are from damage to the nerves, arteries, or veins that run in the pelvis. This risk is minimized by performing all the cuts with full xray guidance in the operating room as well as extensive experience with the operative procedure.

Monday, September 26, 2011


We just had the primary program at church.  In our church the kids stay with their family during Sacrament meeting (which is usually a mix of survival and semi-organized chaos on our pew), followed by two hours of primary (kids are ages 3-11).  The first hour they meet with the junior primary (3-7) where someone is assigned a prayer, scripture and talk followed by a teaching activity and singing.

Danny has taught Scott to sing loud so that is what he does.  Tyler is starting to sing at home more.  Today Tyler asked to sing I am a Child of God in the car for a friend.  It was cute.  Tyler is working on staying out of trouble and often bribed with candy to listen and behave in Primary.  

So the primary program is a combination of the kids giving small teaching roles about a topic followed by a song on that theme.  As soon as Tyler saw Pop and Grandma he abandoned his class up front and came to sit with us, which is fine.  Someday he will sit in primary.  Last year Scott would rarely sing when the Primary sang in church.  He was too scared and usually stayed with us in the audience.  He maybe sang once as a sunbeam and it was a scary experience.  It didn't bother me.  Danny thought he should go up, but I believe that a kid will be ready when they are ready.  I guess we make a good team in finding a middle ground.

Well, this year Scott had a solo in the program and did awesome.  He likes to remind me that he was one of the two soloist.  He feels so good about himself and special.  I love that.

When they first asked I didn't know if he would do it, so I asked Scott and he said yes.  I realized the worse that would happen is that he wouldn't sing which would have been no big deal.  He sang a verse of Book of Mormon Stories all by himself in front of the entire congregation with confidence and his cute little Scott voice.  He did so great and everyone has been telling him how great he did.  Today someone asked him if he would do a solo at the Christmas concert.  It is so amazing to see how much a child can grow in confidence in just one year and the blessing of having so many supporters behind you.  If a child is given the opportunity to do something when they are ready, it can have such a positive impact.

There are so many things I am grateful for in our church and one of them is Primary.  Our kids have loving teachers who are so Christ-like.  They learn about our Savior.  Meet great friends.  And it gives them the opportunity to learn to speak in front of a small, supporting audience.  When kids turn 12 they speak in front of the congregation and I am always so amazed at how well they do.  I never went to primary and can see what a blessing it is for these little ones lives.  Thank you to all the Primary Teachers and workers who are impacting our kids!

The VERY BEST Day of Kindergarten

Scott got in the car after kindergarten beaming.  He got to do the share bag or pick something to share with the class.  He chose the Bandit, his RC car.  He told the class he got it at Tower Hobbies, keeps it in the garage and drives it a lot with dad.  The teacher let him drive it on the black top which was "SOOO cooool"!  He said he went so fast that rocks were flying and the entire class was cheering and yelling for him.

He loved it and kept saying, "Day 40 was the very best day of Kindergarten."  When I asked how he knew it was day 40 he said, "the President of the school (aka Principal) Mr. Jones counts the days and puts up a new number each day with a special key".

As soon as he got home he called dad to tell him about his great day and drew a picture so that he would never forget.  This is the first year that he actually likes to draw.  In the past he would just draw when assigned and now he actually likes it.  Pretty fun to see how their interests change with time.

Yeah for loving Kindergarten.  He is so excited to go and I couldn't be more grateful.  In bed tonight he said he can't wait to finish painting a house he didn't get to finish today.  I love that he looks forward to school the next day.  I was a stressed out kid and didn't love the elementary years, was totally lost in middle school and grew to love learning and school in high school and college.  I hope he loves the process of learning.

He is so into coloring up at school and so happy to tell me he colored up to the top today that he really wanted to make a color up chart for home.  We will see if I can actually stay on top of doing it.  We have chore charts that Scott really likes even though I often forget to put the pins on the accomplished tasks.  At the end of a period I just reward him with what I think he earned in his allowance.  At least the concept is motivating Scott.  Now I just need to do better at implementing.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

General Conference

I love General Conference.  I am no longer in the season that I could sit and absorb every message, but it is a good season I am in. The bits and pieces of the messages that I hear resonate within and I recognize all the things I am doing well and can do better.  I leave a better person, awaiting the next conference in six months.

So tonight was the relief society meeting which was so good. Some points I really liked was how importanat it is to be a visiting teacher.  I love the two woman that I visit teach.  I have grown to love so many woman who have visit taught me and who I visit teach.  I loved when they said it is really about the depth of charity.  There is such a difference when visiting teaching is about loving and caring someone compared to making sure you get in a visit each month.  

Another point I loved was about charity.  When I was in the Northgate ward I had the blessing of being in compassionate service.  I have had that calling twice now and absolutely love it.  Probably my very favorite calling. While Scott was at school, Kira, Tyler and I would go and visit people and I loved it!  We got to know so many wonderful sisters and were filled with the Spirit.  My family will be the recipients of service for the next three months while Danny has a major surgery followed by Tyler.  I now serve within the walls of my home and recognize how wonderful it is to have the ability to serve and blessings of family and friends who serve.  Nothing fills you quite the same.  

Someone said something along the lines of helping others makes our own difficulties seem easier. It is so true.  It is humbling to go and serve and recognize how many people have some really difficult paths they are asked to walk.  It always make me realize all the little things in my life that we are so very blessed for.  The thing that I feel so blessed for is the Lord has placed these incredible woman in my life that go through trials I could never imagine yet never complain and find total happiness amidst their struggles because their relationship with the Lord.  I thank the Lord for placing these incredible woman in my life who give me perspective and really help me enjoy and recognize the many blessings we have.  

Elder Uchdorf gave a great talk about finding the best ways to spend our time.  So often we focus so much on things that don't need to be focused on.  I think I do a pretty good job of simplifying life but can do a better job just filling my time with the best things.  I loved that he said something like "If we spend our days waiting for the beautiful roses, we could forget the forget me nots that surround us.  Don’t close your eyes to the simple and elegant beauties to each days."  Danny and I often talk about how blessed we are that we are happy people.  Much of it is finding the day to day beauties in our lives.  There really are so many when you look for them!!

Great meeting.  I hope that we can watch next weekend in the hospital.  Danny will be drugged up and sleeping but I will just be sitting.  I will bring my laptop just in case their is service.  If not, we will have plenty of downtime the next couple of weeks.  

The Toy Skeleton

So in kindergarten they have coloring up/coloring down.  When the kids do something well they get to color up or make an unwise choice they get to color down.  If you color up 3 times you get to choose a prize and if you color down 2 times you get a time out.  Scott usually likes to tell me how he colored up and earned his prize, but Thursday was different.  Scott told me that night that he skipped a color when coloring up so he could get his skeleton.  I was sad he chose poorly and at the same time even more proud that he decided to tell me and make things right.

So we discussed that I was proud of him for telling me, that we all make mistakes and the main thing is that we learn from them and make them right.  The whole process of repentance and forgiveness is what we are all here for, right?  I said he should probably tell his teacher what he did and give back the skeleton since he really didn't earn it.  He was so scared and sad and disappointed in himself.  

He always wants to be his best self and is hard on himself when he makes mistakes.  He never needs to be told to go into a timeout just goes himself.  So he wrote the teacher and a note and wanted to say, "I am sorry.  Hate Scott."  He thought his teacher was going to hate him.  Oh that just broke my heart. I told him she would be so proud that he recognized his mistake and wanted to change it.

Time for a prayer as to what to do and how to teach.  We turned on and listened to some great talks on forgiveness.  Stories of mistakes that prophets and others made and how they received forgiveness and moved on.  I LOVED them.  Hopefully Scott got something out of it as well. We went to school.  Scott was so nervous.  He handed over the toy said sorry and I explained what happened.  His teacher was so grateful and proud of him and Scott really earned the toy back by the end of the day.  We talked about the difference he felt of really earning it and not really earning it.

I fully recognize that parenting gets harder with age.  I am enjoying all my time with the innocence of my children and praying I make it through the teenage years when the decisions and mistakes become a little more serious and harder than coloring up one too many spaces.  

I was talking to a friend about a talk about parents being at the crossroads.  This is the blessing of being able to be at the crossroads.  Your children are able to talk and hopefully gain loving guidance to help them through this life that will make them happier more Christlike individuals.  What a blessing we had this opportunity to learn.

I am grateful for repentance in my life.  I am grateful for the gospel and prayer that teaches us right from wrong.  I am grateful that Scott has the most loving, wise and nurturing kindergarten teachers.  I am grateful for my kids and the opportunity to learn and grow as a parent and come to know our Savior and Heavenly Father better.  

Cardiology Appt

Had an echo yesterday.  We switched insurance to Danny's work and it was $120 instead of my usual $10...we'll have to look into that for next year.  This year Danny and Tyler will max out on their deductables so I don't really care how I pay...$100's at a time or $1000's.  Grateful for insurance in our household and that Danny has a job so we can afford to get fixed in our household!!  

So the important stuff.  Tyler seems to be doing well.  His liver/kidney function is doing well so they upped his captopril to 6ml/3x day and lasix to a whopping 1.2ml/2x day from 1ml.  His heart seems to be doing well and sats were the normal mid to high 80's after resting.  They started in the 70's after walking to the appt so it fluctuates a bit depeding on excercise or the pulse ox.  I blame it on the machine to keep me happy. 

So the plan is going to UCSF on November 13th and surgery on Nov. 18th.  They will keep him on milrinone for a week prior to surgery to tune him up.  The goal is to be able to complete his fontan without a fenestration which is done in poor candidates for Fontan.  The whole reason we postponed surgery in August was his surgeons fear of having to do a fenestration.  Our surgeon said kids with fenestrations generally sat and have the same energy level prior to the Fontan as after Fontan, so if possible, he tries to optimize these kids hearts to eliminate this need.  So that is what we are trying to do.  I have full confidence in Dr. Azakie.  I truly believe that we have one, if not the best pediatric heart surgeons for hypoplasts.  All of his kids seem to do remarkably well and we are just so blessed for his wisdom and knowledge and love for these little ones.  Trying to optimize his heart function with our prayer team and increased meds so he can sustain a fontan.  If the heart is too weak they of course will do a fenestration and we will know that it is all in the Lords hands. 

The best part of the appt is watching Beauty and the Beast.  I haven't seen it in so long and Tyler loved it.


Tyler Riding Little Bike

Tyler learned to ride little bike...wahoo!  He did great. We moved into a court with perfect driveways.  He had one spill but wanted to keep on biking.  He threw a fit when we had to pick up Scott and he needed to ride tandem and not his big boy bike.  That might have to wait until his heart gets fixed.  We celebrated with ice-cream, and yes, Kira likes to sit on the table to eat.  Good times.  It has been over 100 most days lately.  While I roast at the park, I prefer heat over cold so will not complain. Plus, it is an excuse that Scott needs to take care of Kira at the park.  So cute!  I will bring my camera one of these days and show you Scott's babysitting skills.  He learned from the Rajecki's this summer.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Delta Fun

Friends brought us to this little creek by our home to go fishing. The boys each caught a little fish. Best thing about living at the delta is that you can catch a fish in any body of water. Great little activity on a school night.

We also went to Webster Resort. So fun! I forgot my camera. We got one pic of Tyler closing his eyes on the way over.  But don't worry I stole pictures from Tara's blog featuring other families who we love (who weren't there with us might I add) just so you can see what it is like.  Thanks Tara...hope you don't mind.  Waterfront cottage equipped with a zip line, tons of acreage for the kids to roam and water to play in. They brought the kids tubing and the smiles on their faces were priceless.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Scott's first motorcycle ride

Scott had his first motorcycle ride on the VFR yesterday.  He wanted me to take him to school this way, and he told all of his friends.  Look how tightly he's holding on.  Good old VFR.  I'll probably have to post about it on the nitroblue-investment blog.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Decade of Coaching

I started coaching at this pool 10 years ago as a Delta Skimmer. I was a 19 year old that didn't know what I was doing. I relied on the head coach to tell me how and what to teach. He had a family crisis in the middle of the season and I was left to figure things out, which I did and realized that it was a pretty great summer job before heading off to BYU. The following two summers I stayed at BYU to take classes and enjoy school without much swimming and headed off for my mission. I came home from my mission in April and coached for Valley Vista which were fun times. It was a good way to get back into normal life and was the beginning of dating Danny which still makes me smile.

Tangent...we were so young, naive and just soo in when you missed the person after an hour and couldn't wait for them to get home. Don't worry, I still have that same anticipation of Danny getting home (but now its so I can get some help with the kids and have an adult to hang out with). Haha...but in all reality I do love, appreciate and need Danny more now than ever. How grateful I am for him.

So back to coaching. I finished up school and swimming for BYU and came back to a sales job in San Francisco so I could earn some money for our literally growing family. I coached on the side for Aquabears. I was able to coach under an amazing head coach as an assistant to the Senior Group. I actually learned how to coach. I learned how to fix strokes, what to look for and how to inspire kids. Great experience. At the same time I took on the Purple Group which were our 10-13 year olds more or less. Great group. Loved working with kids. Most importantly loved striving to become a better coach and more importantly person as I was doing it.

You learn a lot about yourself as a coach.

I hope that all my kids knew that I cared about them. That I wanted what was best for them. Most of the time I think I did an alright job. I look back on some situations and would have done differently. But that is what life is all about right. If I was the same person and coach when I started as when I ended it would have all been for naught.

I learned that perhaps the greatest thing I can do is be the best example I can be to these kids. Kids go through a lot these days. Way more than when we were kids and sometimes they just need somewhere to tell them they can do or they will make it through. I hope I left a positive example.

I learned to work with parents and perhaps most importantly learned what kind of parent I wanted to become. There were so many parents who were great examples to me. Parents who supported their kids and understand the real objective behind a sport. There were others who wanted the best for their kids just lost sight of what that really is. How easy that is to do. I hope I can take all that wisdom and experience with me as a parent.

I learned to balance family life and work. You get to a point that you can get really busy, really fast doing lessons. It is great money and I LOVE to see kids improve from lessons, but it can come at the expense of having a full time job. One summer I was at the pool and away from my kids too much so I learned to say no. I learned to set boundaries and realize that not only is it ok to say no, but it is a good thing. My family and I come first.

I learned what it is like to work at something and become good at it. I started out as a swimmer who was taught how to coach, to a coach who was mentored by other coaches to a coach who could try new things, invent new ways of saying something or teaching a concept that might just help a kid and see if they worked. It is really cool to do that and see kids get it and improve. I really enjoyed doing lessons the past couple of summers because that is where I could help someone really focus on what they needed to do to improve.

I ended coaching coaching for two teams. I went back to Valley Vista as a rec coach and LOVED it! It gave me some of the excitement and energy that I had lost over the past year for whatever reason. The coaches were all there because they loved the kids and loved doing what they were doing. The parents and board were so grateful. You just want to do better when you feel this positive energy behind you and people cheering you on. It was the perfect place to end my coaching for a season. Somehow I came full circle. Starting and ending with rec and remembering the spirit of swimming that is so fun. Sometimes it is just good to change things up and I am so grateful I did.

So I put my stop watch in my drawer and look at it when I open the drawer and remember the lessons and memories I had over the past ten years. I realize how grateful I am for the opportunity and experience to have such an amazing part-time job. I now enter a different stage of life as a truly full-time stay at home mom. I am grateful I am able to stay home with my three little kiddos. It is time. I wouldn't change that for the world and am so grateful to my husband for getting an education and working hard to support our little family. I also recognize that we are very fortunate to have work. I recognize that there are so many out there that would do anything for work and part of me feels bad for even writing that I am able to stay home. But for the time 100% of my focus can be on them and that just feels right and I feel so blessed.

Here I am at the beginning of my coaching with Scott on my lap and ending of coaching with Scott on the blocks...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Pre-Kindergarten Years

I was asked by a new member of my old ward how I liked the Northgate Ward. I said that there could not have been a better Pre-Kindergarten ward for me. I feel so blessed when I think about the past two years I spent in the Northgate 1st Ward.

There is this small window you have in life when your oldest is old enough to have good friends, enjoy parks, museums, etc without being tied down to school. Those magical years start around 2 or 3 and end when they start kindergarten.

During those years I was surrounded by about 10 women who were in the same boat. I loved them, I loved their children and perhaps even more importantly they loved me and my children despite our weaknesses. Or my children's poopy underwear accidents that they needed to clean.

Everyone was unique, welcoming and full of love. Everyone was always willing to serve each other because they cared. While I had built in babysitters most of the time, I could call any of my friends and they would help with small and large requests whenever needed. I love when a friendship gets to the point that you can stop by unannounced and serve on a as need basis. That is the absolute best. And we had that. It was such a neat group that I will forever cherish

We did Saturday night co-ops that the kids could get together and play and us parents would have 2 saturdays to go out and date.

We did joy schools.

We did park days every Wednesday.

Running club on Saturday mornings.

Fieldtrips and kids running club in the summer.

Music time.

Parties and get togethers galore....Half of which I missed that were always at night when I worked.

The absolute best part of being a mom is being with other moms in your same boat. I was also blessed with friends whose house I would stop by and they would reach for the treats, give me mom wisdom, heat their pools, pick fruit with my kids and play with my kids who were well out of this stage of life. So blessed!

Everyone said to enjoy these years because it changes when kids start school and I am proud to say that I enjoyed them to the fullest. Most of that was because I was blessed with friends that were the absolute best! What a magical time of my life. A time that I will always hold close in my heart and cherish.

So I pass onto others that are still in this stage of life to enjoy it! It truly is the best! And now I am onto another stage that I know I am going to enjoy just as much. The elementary years. They come with different challenges, growth and triumphs and I want to be able to proclaim at the end of the next stage of my mommy journey that I enjoyed these years to the fullest as well. Kindergarten blog post coming soon but as for now night night.

Remember, I do have to get up early, have my kids actually dressed, breakfast fed, lunch packed, piano practiced, site words reviewed, Scott to a friends house and my other kids to music class earlier than I would like. Let the fun begin!

THANK YOU TO ALL MY Northgate Friends....I LOVE YOU!!!

Tyler's Thoughts

So I was looking at a friends baby on facebook and Tyler wanted to see pictures of him as a baby. He loved seeing himself as a baby. Especially when Pop was holding him. He loves his Pop. He explained to me how cute he was. He explained that they fixed his heart in some. He learned about the feeding tube that he went home with and how some kids need help eating in the beginning so their body can get stronger. This is the only one he didn't like explaining, "That is really mean of them to put me in a box." I told them that they needed to take him across the bridge to a new hospital and the box made sure he was safe to which he replied, "that way I was able to go under the ocean and see the fish in my box." Made me laugh to which I said, "how cool is that?"

It is always hard to know how much to explain to the a child or show them. I don't think Tyler ever saw himself as a baby in the hospital. Child Life Specialists brought a doll and fake hospital bed, etc into his room prior to his surgery and asked if Tyler would be more at ease with them explaining things. I knew his DS would make him the most at ease. He is not one to want to learn about what is going to happen to him while in the hospital. This ended up be a great way, removed from the hospital and needles to show him all the nurses that helped him and how they helped his heart. He loved seeing people visit and hold him and asked questions and loved seeing himself as a baby. How I love living by the spirit. Sometimes you just know what is right for your child and how to teach them.


Tyler:  "Can I play your iphone?"
Me:  Did you brush your teeth?
Tyler:  Yes.
I look at Heidi, who shakes her head.  Tyler sees this and says, "Maybe."

Saturday, September 10, 2011

tyler's birthday weekend

Tyler turned four on September 4th.  We had dinner at the Bogners.
 Ryan pulled the kids in this garden wagon for like an hour and the kids wanted more.

Steve, Leah, Laurel and Ryan were in town with their kids.

On labor day we went to the Fun Fest at Heather Farm Park.  It was roasting hot but we had a good time.

My favorite part was the bmx bike show.  The jumps are harder than they look, but boring unless they are doing backflips.  Those were cool.  One kid did a front flip, which was even cooler than a backflip.  I didn't see any kuwaharas, though.

Then we had cake and burgers at Pop's.  Happy birthday, Tyler!  

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Labor Day isn't official without camping. I am such a last minute planner and decided to go camping on Wednesday, 2 days before the crazy 3 day weekend. That means 0 spots left at most places. I refused to go anywhere without a lake or river to play in the next day since it was supposed to be 100. We got the last spot at Del Valle and had a great time camping on Friday night and playing on the rock beach, warm lake and shaded grassy area on Saturday. I always say that next time I will actually plan and get a group of friends together but never do.

It all worked out because when I went down to the beach, I set down my stuff and heard my name. Friends from the NG ward were right next to us. It was great that Scott and Tyler got to hang out with Henry all day. Especially great when Tyler took a 2 hour nap and Scott still had a playmate.

McMillan tips to Easy and stress free camping = 1 night stay, foil dinner and cereal breakfast, RC cars for entertainment, less than 1 hour drive and swim suits for a change of clothes. I do wish we brought sweatshirts and enough sleeping bags and an air mattress for comfort but it all worked out...Can you tell I am not a hardcore camper. The weather was perfect and we had a great time.