Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas and bikes

Christmas 2014 was nice.  We usually go to Heather's church on Christmas Eve and then have dinner at Pop's house.  I texted Heather to say that we were running late and we'd just meet her at church, when she responded with a text that her dad was locked in the bathroom.  I thought maybe he had passed out or something but it was that the door mechanism had failed.  I went over and Jason and I ended up just cutting the trim off the door and using a card to push in the plunger.  

I was pretty stoked about our tree.  I like getting real trees because of the smell, and Foodmax has them for $20.  I went in the lot and most of them were tied up.  I asked the guy whether he could untie any and he said no.  So I selected one that looked the fullest and strapped it on the van.  Heidi was like, "Are you sure?"

"This is the one I've selected.  It's all bound up.  If you want to select a tree, you're welcome to do so but this is the one I've selected."  

It turned out that it was perfectly symmetrical, full, and beautiful!  Twenty bucks from the grocery store!  

I collected several clips of the kids on their bikes and used IMovie to put together this little video.  You just can't beat the convenience of a phone camera and I think the quality is good.  I used to love making movies in college and dental school and I'd spend a lot of time editing them.  Admittedly, Adobe premier is more powerful than IMovie but the latter is way faster.  Maybe I'll get final cut pro, but not just yet.  This will have to do.  I am most pleased about Blakey riding his bike at two years old.  He loves it.  I had to overhaul the crank bearings and rear hub and it's working pretty well.  Jacquie got that bike for Scott in like 2008 and Blakey is the only one who learned to ride it without training wheels.  The rest of the kids learned on Little Bike.  Now we're fully mobile with one kid per bike.  Well, that's all gonna change in a few months.  But let's just enjoy things as they are.  Okay, bye.