Thursday, September 20, 2018

Kitchen remodel is done

Heidi should be the one to update this blog because she is home with the kids, but since she hasn't, I'm going to do it.  

Here are Scott and Tyler with some of the scouts at Camp Fetterman, a local property converted to use for scout overnighters.  

The $15,000 remodel.  You just can't beat the power of buying used appliances on craigslist.  Just the fridge would have been $8500.  There are lots of ways I'd rather spend $8500 and a fridge is not one of them.  I am most happy about the granite because the color and quality of installation were the best.  I'm least happy about the cabinets because of the quality of the paint.  I would have gone with black, like Britton, but Heidi wanted white.  Happy wife = happy life. 

Let's not forget my hand-made Eastern black walnut table.

Labor day family picture, sans Kira, before the meltdowns.  Kira was in Tahoe with her cousins.

Four McMillan brothers, circa 2018

Tyler had his 11th birthday.  He can be so charming.  Generally, he's grateful for the gifts we get him and he doesn't seem to care what brand he owns.  He is the opposite of "keeping up with the Joneses."  Other times, he's quite effective at getting Kira and Blake riled up. 

That's all.  Have a nice day.  That's what Trump said to the victims of Hurricane Florence. 

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