Sunday, September 2, 2018

3 Day Weekend

Kira got invited to go to Tahoe with Paisley which I know is going to be so fun for her.  They went on a ropes course, boating and floating down the River.  What a special time she will have with her cousins and Heather and Jay.  So grateful for their generosity and including her.  Plus, sometimes it is a much needed break from her brothers.  She and Tyler love to get on each others nerves so I felt like this came at the perfect time.

Usually we go away for Labor day since I love taking advantage of days off but this year we didn't.  Instead I just wanted to do day trips or activities and I am so glad that we did.  Sometimes I am tired from sleeping in hotels with a baby and six kids and tired from just being away that I feel like I need a vacation from a vacation.  

One day, the kids all hung out and played during the day and then Danny needed to go do something at a Stake baptism so I took the kids to pump it up and McDonalds.  We were going to go to La Costa but they wanted to keep playing so we went to McDonalds.  It was the smallest, simplest little outing and they had a blast.  We were gone for hours and they all had a great time.  The following day we had friends over from church.  It was totally last minute and we decided to host a dinner.  We went to the golf course and hung out.  Blake had a hard time for some of it.  I realized sometimes a lot of noise really bothers him.  Kind of like Danny and he just needs down time sometimes and we didn't really have that.  It was loud but I think everyone had a great time.  We went to golf course after dinner and that was so nice.  It was the perfect weather out and we had a good time.

Tomorrow we are going to San Francisco.  We are going to leave early so we can get back in time to get Kira and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.  I am excited.  A mix of a little bit of everything.  Something I inherited from my mom is feeling guilty for not doing a lot.  Making the most of time off.  Sometimes I think that is going, going, going.  But I have realized that down time is good.  Quiet time is good.  Quality time is good.  That isn't always going somewhere else or somewhere far.  Sometimes I still feel that pressure that we need to do something more extravagant or we are waisting days off but I realize that is crazy.  I just need to retrain my brain.

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