Tuesday, August 8, 2017

City meet

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (even though we didn't go on sunday) was City meet at Cowell in Concord.  Mister and I went out on Friday for a little bit to watch but most of the action happened on Saturday.

Cool pic with the 75-300 lens.  I like that you can do these candid shots from far away.  

Parent's relay.  Neal and I were on the "C" relay.  I did butterfly.  We got fourth place.  I was just happy that my goggles stayed on and I didn't burn out.  Several ex-olympians were on the "A" relay.

The "B" relay beat us.  Marcus and Brook.

Relay consisting of Scott, Colton, Jacob, and Kyle, broke the pool record.  Nice.


Chelle said...

Holy cow Scott and his buff bod! Really awesome pics! I love the candid one you took of him laughing. Those kinds are my favorite. How much older is the boy on the far right of the relay team?

Danny McMillan said...

The two boys on the right are both 12 and are each over six feet tall.

DavidandJuliann said...

Great pics

Anonymous said...

Great candids. I love the profile shot of the boy in the purple swim trunks. Aweseme shot.