Thursday, August 10, 2017

County qualifiers' dinner

Last night was the dinner for the swimmers that qualified for county.  I opted to not go, but instead stay back with Tyler and Mister.  We ate at Wendy's with a coupon and had a great time.  

Then Heidi called and asked me to pick up Blake because he wasn't feeling well.  

From Heidi's iphone

When I got there with my big SLR, Blake seemed fine.  So I took some pictures with the flash.  No one wants to carry the big camera with the big flash, but for indoors and daytime fill-flash, it takes the best pictures.  Here's coach Nikki.

Kira made friends with the older girls

Scott looking all dapper but wouldn't smile for the camera because he'd just eaten some salsa he thought was too hot.

with Chandani

Kiko and Christian

The Cejas

This was a shot that the SLR executed well.  The sun was behind the subjects and I forced the flash.  See?  Everyone's eyes are open and they are smiling.  You can still see the sunset.

Scott had a good season.

So now we just have the county meet this weekend and the season's over.  Okay, I gotta have a nap.  I was up late doing the wash, the dishes, and the trash.