Sunday, April 16, 2017

Bike Ride and Egg Hunt

Scott had Will spend the night last night and they stayed up way too late playing Mindcraft.  I really have a love/hate relationship with sleepovers.  I loved going to friends homes and having them at mine to have sleepovers.  As a parent, I am mean for making them go to bed at a very late hour.  I am also doing our entire family a total disservice when I have tired kids the next day.  Scott has kinda been a pill lately.  He is a great kid but is entering the years that he just wants to be with friends and knows it all.  I know that this is just going to get worse as he enters pre-teen and teen years. Not looking forward to it.  Anway, I am glad he had fun but not so glad about his tiredness and moods today.

We went to the pool in the morning.  I thought I was coaching but it turns out I am subbing the next two Saturdays.  I sub for our gym very occasional Saturday morning practices for the year round team and masters team.  Usually 2-3 people show up so it is much different than what I am used.  Very low key but fun to see the kids an parents I used to coach. After convincing the older kids to leave the play center and play outside (it was like pulling teeth), they ended up having a great time and I couldn't get them to leave.  We eventually left and headed to Heather's to go on a bike ride.

Scott missed a 5 mile hike for Scouts and needs to do a 10 mile bike ride or 5 mile hike using a compass for navigation so we opted for a bike ride.  We picked up Paisley and went 5 miles to downtown Walnut Creek.  I love the Walnut Creek trails.  I miss them.  There are big trees, shade and I miss that.  I haven't been there in years to walk around and was so impressed on what a nice remodel they did.  The kids had a good time. The kids are learning bike etiquette on trails.  There are a lot of us, so we need to move over and get a single file line so other bikers can pass. The boys liked going in the dirt and off road.  They would look for mounds to jump and everyone had a good time.  We got a pound of sees candy (thank you sara for a great christmas present), walked around and then headed back to Heathers for an easter egg hunt and chinese food.  The kids had a great time on the easter egg hunt.  They each had to find a golden egg that was hard to find.  After we enjoyed being outside and enjoying time with cousins and my sister and jason.

I came home so tired, but wanted to chronicle the day before life gets too busy and I forget.  Time for bed!

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Michelle Olson said...

Hey Heidi, glad you are blogging again! We don't do sleepovers, cranky kids just being one of the reasons. We also figured, "What do we say if some kid with creepo parents wants our kids to sleepover? We can't be selective. Just easier to say no from the beginning." Siena seems to be in the same phase as Scott. I think she was born a teenager. :)