Sunday, April 9, 2017

Bike Ride Adventure

Danny worked in the morning and at 2pm was ready to get out of the home with the kids but I had the van at work which is frustrating.  I should have taken another car.  I told him to go on a bike ride which he is always down for.  So apparently the kids rounded up some neighborhood kids and Danny took 9 kids to Krey to play around.  They all had a great time.  The kids came home to tell me how they were doing bike tag, made up some game and were trying jumps with the bikes.  On the way home they went through some mud.  It was the highlight of the day/afternoon.

My boys earlier this week went with friends to throw a boomerang they got.  They had a lot of fun and rounded up some neighborhood kids that lived along the ride.  Scott had a great time and wanted to have a friend over afterwards but instead the boys wanted to each go to their homes and play against each other on the X-Box.  Different homes but connected through video games which Scott isn't into.  He can do games for a little bit but thinks it gets boring after 20 minutes.  I think that is a great thing but am seeing more and more how frustrated he is that his friends are transitioning from being outside to just wanting to stay home and be on phones or video games. Hopefully someday the shift will go back to playing outside, getting off phones and playing and being kids in free time.  It concerns me how that is becoming less common for this generation.  I sound like an old, concerned person, but it really is sad to me.

Danny is so great at getting outside!  So grateful he is instilling that in our kids.  They have been playing on the trampoline a ton and in the court which is so nice.

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cici said...

I have to agree eith you Heidi, the best part of my young memories were outside playing and having adventures with friends and my imagination.
I think Parents are so fearful now they just keep their kids locked up inside, burning their eyes out and stunting their growth.
Best of luck with the swim season and keeping your sweet kids grounded and not falling into that nasty peer pressure. :)