Sunday, April 9, 2017

Playing After Church

When we lived in the Northgate Ward everyone hung out and played after church on the grass.  It was the culture and always so fun to talk with friends and the kids to get wiggles out and hang out.  Our new ward doesn't do that.  Everyone just goes home right away which is probably the normal thing to do.  Well today we saw friends walking by the church on a walk.  We were on our way out and I of course loved catching up with the mom while the kids played with each other on the grass for over an hour. She has 3 kids, 2 boys Scott and Tyler's age, and a little girl Kira's age.  They were going to come to Dana Hills to swim but it didn't work with their other sports and decided to take a break from swim this season.  Tyler brought his massive yarn ball and they wrapped it all around the church about 3 times.  Totally fun at the time until they had to do the reverse and collect it.  Nevertheless, the kids didn't really remember each other from the couple interactions they had at swim meets but became friends after about 5 minutes and had a great time.  I am so grateful for the nice weather and beautiful area we live.  Tyler loves to finger knit and it is great therapy for him.  It keeps him distracted from pushing his siblings buttons.  He brings his giant ball of yarn to church.  Good times.

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