Sunday, April 9, 2017

Season 2

I start my season on Monday.  I am really excited!  I really do think it will be a great year.  It will be fun to coach with Aaron again.  We coached together at Valley Vista and his team lost his pool so he is going to come and coach with us.  He is a great coach and we have very similar coaching styles and philosophies.  Nikki is coming back who I love.  It is always a crazy first couple of days with the number of kids on the team but is going to be so much better than the beginning of last year when I had 280 kids who I had never coached or knew and trying to organize them into lanes, levels and learn names.

Getting organized before the season is always an adventure.  Everyone wants to make it the best year and improve everything that needs to be improved and sometimes it feels like decisions go in circles a couple of times before they become solidified but I think there is a great plan and just excited to get to coaching part of the job.

We had a training meeting with our swimmer coaches which went well.  Last year we threw together a spirit squad very last minute because we had a ton of brand new kids in our pre team and not enough bodies in the water.  It was so nice to be able to know the goal and set up of the program to be able to make a plan.  I think it is going to run so much smoother.

So tomorrow begins swim.  My kids are excited.  Blake asks everyday if swim starts today.  He really liked it last year which surprised me.  He is my one kid who doesn't get cold which is so nice.  Scott can't wait to be with his friends and have something to do everyday.  I don't think Tyler is going to swim much this year but I sign him up anyway.  He didn't swim much last year.  I think it becomes too hard with his heart but I figure even if he gets in to just do the drill set it helps him to feel like he is a part of the team or group.  He had a blast just playing soccer with the kids on the field last year so hopefully they will all hang out again on the grass this year.

Kira does gymnastics 3 days a week but after trying to figure out how to get blake to swim and kira to gym and all the driving, I decided for her to just take the spring off gymnastics.  That plan of course wasn't liked by her gymnastics coach who told me she would digress months and is doing so well, etc.  I get it, but I also realize that she is young and maybe this will be a good little break.  Well, we are still trying to figure out a plan to do both but i am not going to stress about it too much.  Last year I didn't take Blake and Kira to the pool in the spring because it was too hard to get them there and I didn't want it to interfere with me working.  I didn't think they really cared, but it would be fun for them to actually do a whole season and see if they like it.  It took Kira weeks into the summer to become comfortable but she says she actually wants to do it so we shall see.

So here goes another season!  I think it is going to be a great season!

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