Tuesday, May 16, 2017


The other day I was making French Toast.  Mister likes to help out, and after I'd finished all the French toast, he climbed up on the chair, pulled out two pieces of bread, dipped them in the batter, and set them on the stove.  Even though it was turned off, he was proud of himself.  I was proud, too.  Yeah.  My little chef.  

He is quite into music and likes to put on the laptop and dance.  Today he was rocking out to Flo'rida's My House.  I like that song because it has a good beat and the subwoofer sounds good.  We also have some vid of him dancing to Bruno Mars.

Okay, gotta take Scott to swim.  Bye.

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cici said...

Awww. Love me some Mister!