Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Success of the Journey

Scott lost the election to a 7th grade girl which wasn't a big deal.  He wasn't upset over it and I am so happy that he ran for office.  I hope all my children participate in school elections.  It is such a great experience to come up with a speech, campaign and help change the school for better in their message. Total success.  Scott is someone who would be happy with just 1 buddy. In kindergarten he had his 1 great friend, same through elementary school.  He hangs out in groups but is like Danny that he needs 1 good friend.  The election was an opportunity to reach out to different groups, different people and that is perhaps the greatest life lesson we can learn in life.  A lesson that can be hard for anyone, especially a middle schooler.  He can be overly competitive and all about the end result instead of the journey and I feel like this was all about the journey.  It came at an amazing time that our family was talking a lot about kindness and that was the focus of his campaign.  So proud of him, so proud of his growth.  One of the best things he has had the opportunities to do in 6th grade.  He already is talking about ideas he has for next years election.  Not sure if he will do student council or not for his elective. I think they have a meeting on Friday to go over electives but really wants to do jazz band which takes up 2 electives because you also have to do normal band so we shall see.

He is trying out for Jazz Band today and has been working hard on that.  Danny has been teaching him piano but it might be time to get a real teacher.  Scott has a hard time working through hard things.  Life generally comes pretty easy for him and when something is difficult he can get easily distracted or frustrated.  He would practice songs and then just play the parts that he got over and over and over again ignoring the parts he didn't get.  On the way to school today we talked about what he learned about himself as he learned the songs.  Recognizing how to get through difficult things was a point brought up.  Whatever the outcome I am proud of him for trying out.  I think he grew a lot as a pianist and person this past month.  He left a lot of it til last minute underestimating that it would be difficult which was a great life lesson. 

This is often the focus I take with swim parents.  So often they are focused on the end result of getting a certain time or certain place.  The placing is often out of the kids hands.  While it is good to learn to race, their success can't be measured on another's performance.  A certain time is often dependent on the journey so I think it is so important to not underestimate or applaud the journey, learn from the journey and grow from the journey.  He definitely grew from the journey of trying out which I hope he applies to life.  I think jazz band would be great for him so hope he makes it.  He needs something to help motivate and push him in piano.  If not this, hopefully we can find something else.  Maybe lessons or another group so we shall see. 


Anonymous said...

one valuable lesson learned in life... Don't ever force a child to do what you think they would like or you want them to do for various reasons. Never works out. Let him choose his own path and thrive. You will see the difference and much less stress.

DavidandJuliann said...

We're proud of Scott! What a great perspective to have the election as a journey and a growing experience.