Saturday, April 14, 2018

Kira's baptism

Kira's baptism was nice.  She and Katelyn got baptized on 4/7/18 at the Antioch Stake Center.   Kira is a thoughtful, caring, athletic, good kid.  

Heather came with her family

This was our best attempt at at family photo.  Like I always say, a bad photo is better than no photo.  But whatev.  Next time. 

Grammy and Grampy came out from Utah

I don't think Dad was too impressed with the CB350, and that's fine.  It's not very powerful.  But you have to appreciate the work that went into the restore.

Rocky, the stray cat that's been hanging around our house, had babies behind the trash can! 

Grant and Shari came out to the bay area for a swim meet and made a trip up to us.  They joined us for din din.  Fortunately, I had made a huge roast in the crock pot.  It's always fun when they come.

Apparently doing this flower pattern with your tongue is a rare skill, one worthy of a post in Ripley's Believe it or Not. 

Heidi started working at Dana Hills this week.  It seems to be going well.  I like when she works but this year, with me working five full days, it seems like work is all I do.  But then when I had time off, I was going crazy.  I guess the grass is always greener.  Yesterday, even though I was feeling crummy, we had quite a productive day at work.  Lots of good cases with high profit margins. 

Okay, I gotta get breakfast going.  Bye.

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Chelle said...

Ah, Kira looks so adorable in her dress!! What a fun girl you have. Wish we could have been there for it. Cool about the cat having kittens! Turin said the other day, "I wish Rasky wasn't spayed. i feel bad she'll never get to be a mom." I thought it was so sweet. Plus kittens are just adorable. I'm always amazed at how productive you are. You are a machine! The garden and trees are looking great! And you're right, Jared is very pleased. :) Hanna is absolutely adorable. She sure looks like a happy baby! We wish we saw you guys more. :(