Sunday, June 25, 2017


I love the summer.  I love that I can wear my shorts all day, the sun's out longer, and school's out!  Plus Heidi works for Dana Hills and she and the kids seem to enjoy that.  

 At movie night at the Dana Hills clubhouse.

Mister mowing the lawn with me.  The backyard sustained some chemical burn when Mister unloaded a whole spray bottle of windex.  Plus, I haven't dialed in the sprinklers for the back as much as the front, so there are some dry areas.

At Battle of the ages.

Tara has been watching Mister on Saturdays so I can shuffle the other kids around at the pool.  I'm not a super multi-tasker, so either I watch Mister and the older swimmers have to sign themselves in to each race, or we leave Mister behind.  We choose the latter and everyone seems to be happy.

Scott enjoys socializing with his friends at the meet.

Kira prefers the older girls

Kira got 8nd for her age group in the 25 fly.

Blake dropped a lot of time in each event.  He even had good dives.

Lots of time on electronics this summer

The kids face time their friends and play against or alongside them in Minecraft.

Mister loves his baba

Spin art

Mister ended prematurely the life of the other gecko, so we got Scott another one.  He is trying to teach Mister the proper care and feeding of reptiles.

Still haven't named him, though.

I always say a bad photo is better than no photo, but a good photo is better than a bad photo.  Therefore, I'm going to bring my big camera to more events and rely on it more than my iphone.

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Chelle said...

My kids loved the pic of the lizard. Glad you're loving summer. I have a love/hate relationship with summer. If only the sun went down at 8. IT's SOOO hard to get my kids to bed before 9:30 or ten b/c the sun stays up so long. The kids look great in their swim stuff! Glad they enjoy it so well. Kira has such a buff little body. Reminds me of Lise as a kid. And 110 degrees? YUCK. Is that normal?