Thursday, June 8, 2017

BBQ at the neighbors'

Andrew and Jenny invited us over for BBQ on Sunday.  Andrew had gotten a Weber kettle grill as an early father's day present and was pretty stoked about it.  I was happy for him because I'd done my time with the charcoal grill and for me, the gas grill is way easier.  I do like the smell of the coals and how the food tastes, but I could never get it just right and it ended up taking too long.  

It was a fun time.  The American Dream!  That's what I call it.  I took these with the 50 mm lens at 1.8.  I like it because of the bokeh.        

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Chelle said...

Scott cut his hair!!! And suddenly it's DARK! I swear that happened overnight. He looks SOOO much like you. It looks like Tyler's hair is getting darker too. And Parker, when did he grow up?! We obviously need to FaceTime more. It's been too long. Glad you guys had fun at the BBQ. I'm having trouble with my 50mm lens. It's not focusing well, and then it won't take the pic when I want it to. There's a weird delay for some reason. Anyway, I sure hope you come out for your 20 yr reunion. You can meet your latest niece!!