Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Another season begins!  I LOVE coaching!  It really is a lot of fun for me.  The kids did great at time trials.  Scott came from Father sons campout which was cold and he was very tired.  But had a good attitude and made it through his races.  Kira did great.  She swam free, breast and back with little trepidation.  She hung out with the older kids the entire day and I was so proud of her for racing and having fun!  She is a good little swimmer.  Needs to work on her technique but I will eventually get to that.  Blake is my serious little man.  The best part of the day is that after his warm-up he took of his suit, plopped on the chair and thought he was done because he had done each of the strokes in warm-up.  I told him that he didnt't race yet.  He was quick to tell me he did all his strokes.  He did great.  All the otters did well.  Danny and I are wising up a bit and had Tara watch Parker for the day which allowed Danny to relax a bit and probably take a nap.  He is still getting the hang of the swim parent thing.  

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To Be Determined said...

"He is still getting the hang of the swim parent thing." - Ha. Ha... I never thought about this being hard or abnormal... but when you point it out I realize it is a learned skilled. Woodlands Invitational = van+movies