Monday, October 16, 2017

San Francisco

We have break and I always am torn with wanting to get away and staying home and doing stuff here.  I feel like I am cheating the kids if we don't go away on some fun adventure.

We were going to go to San Diego but the fires came to northern and southern california and I decided to stay put.  I wasn't sure what the air quality would be and if the Anaheim fires would get worse.

We had a lot of playdates and played outside a lot which was a lot of fun.  The kids had fun.  Scott said it was a good balance of relaxation and activities so I guess that is nice.  It was so nice that we had days off of sports.  Even though it meant staying inside and getting cabin fever from the smoke outside, it was nice to be home.

We went to San Francisco on Saturday because a meet got cancelled from the fires.  Loaded the bikes, road around Golden Gate Park and followed signs to a lake.  I am realizing there is so much that is close by.  People come from all over the world for a day in San Francisco and it is in our backyard.  We are so lucky! It was this little lake with a boathouse that we couldn't see but apparently rented paddle boats.  Scott wanted to do that.  After the kids got their fix of throwing bread, dirt and pebbles to the ducks, we headed on bike to rent our boat.  We were on the boat for probably an hour.  It was a lot of fun.  Parker and Hanna did great until about the last 15 minutes and then we just wanted to get back.  The kids liked trying to catch the turtles that sunbathed on the logs.  They all enjoyed pedaling. Parker and Tyler took off their shoes and hung their feet off the back of the boat.  It was a really beautiful day.  Nice to be out of the smoke.  Nice to be outdoors. 

We headed back and hung out on the grass.  The kids all got sticks to play with and fight with.  We people watched all the people in their late 20's hanging out, having bbq's, playing volleyball.  Everyone seemed to be out.  We laughed about what it was like pre kids in the City.  Wondered who of these people would remain with this life, who wanted a family.  I loved seeing a group of people playing a very casual badmitton tournament.  About 30 people paired up dressed in teams of 2.  So eclectic and inclusive.  That is one thing that I really like about San Francisco's quick glimpse.

A fun day in the City!  So grateful we are so close to so many wonderful places.

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Chelle said...

We love San Fran! Glad you had such an enjoyable break.