Sunday, March 19, 2017

John Muir House

I got to chaperone Tyler's class to the John Muir House in Martinez which was another nice day.  I went with Phylene and one other mom and we had a great time.  The tour guides talked about how John Muir was a pioneer in conservation.  His efforts were really what started the national park service.  Inspired me to go and adventure the National Parks with the kids.  I am hoping to go to Yosemite with the kids over break if the rain takes a break.  They did a presentation with guessing what National park belonged to the clue.  They then went on a mini hike and visited a building about Mexican pioneers.  Lastly, they visited his home and talked about his life.  We had a great lunch outdoors and it is always fun to see Tyler interact with his peers.  He is so calm and well behaved at school.  Hoping we get to see that Tyler at home someday.  He likes to yell, anger people and is never calm at home.  We had so much fun, I decided to bring Scott, Blake, Parker and one of Blakes friend the following week.  They got to watch a movie about his life and then did a Junior Ranger Program and made an oath after going on a scavenger hunt to find answers about the tour that they would conserve and honor wildlife.  It was cool, educational and a fun day out!

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