Sunday, March 19, 2017


With all the of the rain, the hills are green and gorgeous.  Weeks and weeks of rain has flooded a lot of california and made me somewhat depressed of not being able to get out and get sun.  It has however brought us out of a huge drought that we have been in for years. As soon as the sun was out, we took advantage of being out and went hiking.  It was muddy but so nice to see sun again. Shawna and I went to Borges Ranch in Walnut Creek. It was so fun!  The kids ran ahead, we found a small stream and then the kids went back while we got to leisurely walk with the little ones.  It is so great getting out. We probably hiked 4 miles.  Even better when it is with friends because then my kids don't fight with each other for some reason.  Instead they play nicely with friends.  Here are some pics.

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