Saturday, February 2, 2019

Scott's 13th birthday

Scott turned 13 on Monday.  He got lots of fun gifts but his favorite were the Apple airpods.  He also got a tech deck set, a schampa, Monopoly speed pack, gum, a 5-in-1 charging station, and other incidentals.  He was in a good mood all day and that was nice.  

For dinner we had Chinese food, Scott's favorite.  

Things he likes:  ideas on how to make money without actually doing the work, Fortnite, Nike shoes, long hair, pancakes, long showers, singing in the church choir, and the Office.  Generally he's a good kid.  Happy birthday, man!   

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Chelle said...

I can’t believe you have a TEENAGER!! We think Scott is a way cool kid. He’s always been so nice to my boys even though they’re younger and that’s a big deal to us. He’s friendly and funny and can talk easily with adults. Glad he had such a great bday! I laughed at the “ways to make money without working.” Don’t we all have that wish? :)