Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Judo and Taekwondo

Tyler is doing Taekwondo and Judo at CYC and Blake is doing Judo.  Tyler really likes Judo and blake asks everyday if it is judo day.  We thought it would be good for Tyler and help pass time while Kira was at gymnastics.  They come to the CYC and hang out together, play games together and then go to class together.  It is really great to see Tyler helping his brother and taking care of him because at home Tyler doesn't usually take on the role of caregiver.  The first couple of pics they were making silly pics at gymnastics, for warm-up they push a towel on their knees.  Tyler loves a game called jump the river in which they can surprisingly jump pretty far.  The last two pics showed Blake choosing to verse Tyler in a game and Tyler went so easy on him, pushing back just a little.  It was great to see them interacting and getting along so well.