Sunday, October 18, 2015

Walt's memorial dinner

Last night we celebrated Walt's memorial in the form of a dinner at his Walnut Creek home.  We got the kids dressed up in their "nice but not church" clothes, I did Tyler and Kira's hair, and I just had to take their picture.  Of course, I bribe them with the iPad to do their hair.  I'm trying to get Tyler's to look like the Bieb's.  Even though Justin Bieber is immature, he does have nice hair.  Tyler has the best on-cue smile.  He's always down for a photo.

Kira's on-cue smile isn't the best.  I had to tickle her to get a natural smile but then I was using the 50 mm 1.8, and I had to move away, re-focus, and then shoot.  Still, I was happy with this.

They were all taking this picture with their cell phones, and when I showed up, the kids' attention span was done.  Here's the best.  Scott's smirk is like Han Solo's.  "I ain't in it for your revolution, princess, and I ain't in it for you.  I'm in it for the money."

Paisley and Kira.

Good old Cochise.

Erich Lietz, Walt's cousin

Bob Maddox

Some of the speeches got a little long-winded

Heinz Lietz, Walt's cousin

Scott read a poem by Walt's dad, entitled The Perfect Son

Pete spoke without the microphone

Mister was pretty happy throughout the service

Albert Lau was Walt's co-worker at Bank of America

Food catered by Wilma Lot

Scott couldn't wait to finish his reading so he could get out of his nice clothes.  This is the R2-D2 shirt he picked out himself.

Everyone always comments on what a good public speaker Heidi is.

It was a good service.  Between 60-70 people were in attendance.  

Thursday, October 15, 2015

point-and-shoot photos

We got Walt's old point-and-shoot Canon camera.  No one uses those anymore.  95% of people use their phones.  I think it works well, though.  It uses SD, and I didn't have a card reader, so I had to order one from ebay.  Finally, it arrived, and I uploaded these photos from it.  Here is Parker, in July, in a blanket made by a patient.  Thanks, Elaine!  

Scott is into doing his own shopping.  Here is what he came up with.

 Where are your shoes, man?  Eh, whatev.  He still really likes his Alpinestars hat and wears it to school everyday.  I almost said he wears it to work everyday, but I was thinking of myself and my Lexus hat.

That's all for now.