Sunday, July 31, 2011

League meet

Scott finished his season at Valley Vista by competing in the League meet at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, CA. Swimming has been for Scott because of the friends he's made. A meet goes like this:


We are not intense swim parents. I don't even know how fast a fast time is. I'm just glad Scott has benefited socially from Valley Vista Swim Club.
The kids love to tend Kira

Scott was stoked about the tent. It worked great until the sun came out, and then it became a furnace.

Scott and Kai building a lego ship

Tyler hanging out in the tent

Matt and Aly were good to our kids.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Walnut Country meet

Scott had a great meet on Saturday at Walnut Country, Concord, CA. His relay got first place and he got several personal best times. Go, Scott!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

First Day of Soccer

Scott started soccer and had a great time. He is so serious and a little anxious when he starts something new. He is on a 6/U team with kids at Krey Elementary. They practice T/Th for 45 minutes and he has two great coaches. The best part is that the field is walking distance to our home. The 9 kids are all so cute as they learn to play. Nobody volunteered to be the team mom so I did. Go TIGERS!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Walnut Creek City Meet

Scott experienced his first City Meet. Fun times! You have the rec teams from Walnut Creek race each other. Scott had a lot of fun. He won the B division in free which he was so excited about since it came with a medal. He was so excited to hang out with and cheer for his buddy, Kai. He experienced his first clerk of the course. I love the expressions of the 6&Unders. They all look so scared. Great time, great friends, great swims and of course lots of candy packed into a day. The kids swam great and Cudas got the gold!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

BESTS of "Lago de Los Pinos"

Tyler's favorite activity....HOT TUB. He actually learned how to swim on top of the water in the hot tub this week. Yeah. Now I just need to get him to do it in the pool. That is my goal for the summer.
Best Dessert...Lindsey made this yummy arroz con leche. It was soo good. She is such a talented chef.
Favorite Kids Dessert...Otter pops. I think we went through all 100.
Best Educational Experience. The Gold Mine. Grateful for my job as a coach.
Most Tired...Tyler! Unfortunately lack of sleep means added tantrums and whines. I still think that it is worth all the fun you can jam into a day with cousins.
Best Movie...Cars 2.

Most Patriotic Moment...4th of July Parade. Planes flying overhead. Kids catching Candy. Motorized Sofa. Fireworks at night.
Best Game...Some game that David's neighbor invented that has you lead a ball around certain obstacles..
Best cuisine....Crawdad Dinner caught by the kiddos. They had so much fun catching these creatures and even dared to eat them. Brigham and Jades face is priceless!

Best Craft...Stevens Scavenger Hunt! We were all in charge of a craft and this one was the very BEST!! It started in the morning with the kids chasing Adam around the house and yard as he was making the map. So fun and ended at night with them finding the clues. It was so fun! The kids had a blast working together to find their treasure chest!

Best Part...Hanging out with family and building relationships. I am blessed with great in-laws. My kids are blessed to be with there cousins. I am so excited that after Tyler's surgery we will be able to visit Utah more and continue to build relationships. Right now we only go to Utah once a year and Tyler stays with my parents. As soon as his surgery is over, we can go whenever we want. Scott loves hanging out with Jade, Tyler and Brigham are so cute together and I think Lily and Kira are going to be little buds. My kids talk about their cousins for months after our yearly McMillan vacations and nothing compares. That was the highlight of the trip for me.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lake of the Pines

We spent six days with my folks and sibs at the Lake of the Pines resort near Auburn, CA. We rented a home on the water and had a great time.

I have never seen my dad so motivated as when he fishes. This time, he got a big payback in the form of a 2lb largemouth bass.

Heidi did an open water swim alongside our craigslist raft

Kira fell asleep in the tube

Adam boiled some crawdads he had caught. Hey, everything tastes good when cooked in butter and salt!
Scott wasn't a fan of the boiled crawdad.

The best picture I've ever taken of the kids!

A not-so-relaxing lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Auburn