Sunday, August 30, 2015

August winds down

August is coming to a close.  It was a pretty hot month with several days over 100.  With the drought governing our water rationing, we have gotten two rebates for being under the limit.   It helps that we are at the gym so much.  

Kira got all dressed up for picture day and I just took her picture in the back yard.  This is how she wanted to pose.

Dinner tonight was curry chicken kebabs on the barbie.  Mmm, it was tasty--worth making again.

Parker is just over 5 months and is eager to crawl.  He gets up on all fours and rocks around, sometimes pulling himself like an army crawl.

Mel is just as sweet as ever.  The kids fight over who gets to sleep with her.

These books are pretty funny.

 The boys and I biked to the Hawaiian Fest at Krey.  We got to cut across the golf course because it was in the evening.  Blake's pretty good on his bike.  Tyler usually rides his blue Schwinn but took this one that I got for free from the neighbors and refurbished it.

Blake came with me to get the Lexus smogged.  He loves the Lexus.

We are loving our home and piano.  Scott gets up in the morning a little after six and we do piano together.  Sometimes Tyler does his after Scott.  I usually prepare breakfast and sometimes the kids' lunches and then we leave at 7:48 to ride bikes to school.  Kira can ride pretty fast on Little Bike.  After school, there's a bike club of riders that leave together.  Sometimes Scott rides with them.  Heidi usually picks up Tyler so he doesn't burn up in the heat.

Okay, time for bed.  A new week.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Luke comes home from his mission

Luke came home from his mission to Hawaii and reported to the Northgate 1st ward on Sunday.  He gave a nice talk and it was fun catching up with the peeps since we used to attend that ward when we lived in Walnut Creek.  The Bogners moved to Utah in about 2013 and came out to visit, so that was fun.  We used to spend lots of time at their home.  This is the Blodgett's back yard in Concord:  real nicely landscaped at the end of a court, backing up to Mount Diablo.  Luke used to jump Scott on the tramp when he was a baby.  

Robin has always been a source of wisdom for Heidi.

Scott wanted an alpinestars hat and was pretty stoked when this one arrived from ebay.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Swimmer Hair

 I think I know why my parents chopped my hair as a kid.

Before and After Summer Pics...

Parker is soo big!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

August 2015

Mister is not so fussy anymore.  That has been nice.  

Riding home from kindergarten on Little Bike

Mel checking out my lentils

Scott at the Brentwood car show

Me and Scott at the car show

Kira and Scott at the splash park

Blakey at the Veterans building in Brentwood.

Kira sampling some clothes she got from Ellie

All dressed up for school!
 Nice hair on Kira.

Mr. T and his gap smile

Fort time

Saturday, August 1, 2015

2015 First Day of School

Well another school year has begun.  It always amazes me how very fast summer goes.  We are on a modified year round school schedule which means we have 7 weeks off for summer, 2 weeks off in October and March. That makes going back to school a little easier because I know I have a 2 week break coming up. Also, when I start getting sad that the kids are going back, they start to fight more and I realize school, schedules and learning is actually a really good thing.

Kira started Kindergarten.  We weren't sure how it was going to go since it has been a really, really hard transition for her with the new baby.  She was fearful to leave me all summer long.  Even to go to her best friends home which she usually loves.  The week before school started she said she was getting excited.  Getting her new pink and purple heart backpack and my little pony lunchbox helped.  They rode bikes the first day, she was a little shy, Danny said seemed nervous, but went into school, didn't complain, cry and 4 hours later a smile on her face at school.  She looked forward to going the remaining 3 days of the week and told us about her friends, recess and seeing old friends.  She has the very best teacher, Mrs. Folgelstrom, who we just love. We know this is going to be a great year and are so excited for her.  My biggest hope for Kira is that she makes a lot of wonderful friends, is a good friend and learns to love learning and school!  Kindergarten really is so magical!!

Tyler is in 3rd grade.  School is so good for him.  I have diagnosed him with split personality.  At school he is obedient, shy and focused.  At home, he can be quite the challenge.  When he is at home, everyone seems to have a harder time because he is usually upset or getting someone else upset.  I think he tries so hard at school, I know it is a long day for him with his health and when he gets home it usually explodes.  Well, I am thrilled to say he is doing great at school.  Working at the home Tyler still.  He has his teacher from last year and several friends from last year.  They had the choice to loop up with Mrs. Wheeler who we also love and many chose to stay with her.  He has also made some new friends which is always nice.  Tyler is a confident little man and we are so proud of him. My greatest hope for Tyler is that he is inclusive, a good friend, kind and works hard. He doesn't love to read probably because it comes so easy for him so I am going to work on that with him this year by reading with him.  

Scott is a great leader.  He loves rules, loves to please and likes school.  School comes very easy for him.  He really is great to have in the class.  As a result, Scott usually gets to sit next to kids that have a harder time.  That is great for Scott to learn to be patient and a helper.  He can be really competitive and focused so much on rules that he gets angry and frustrated but has matured so much the past year with that.  Hoping that he continues to work on that.  He is so excited for the teacher he has.  I don't know anything about 4th grade teachers, but have heard great things about Mrs. Sutherland.  Feel so very blessed or amazing teachers at Krey.

I am certain it is going to be a great year.  The kids are off to a good start.  I am certain there will be surprises and set-backs along the way but that is also part of the school of life.  Here we go to another great school year!!!