Monday, January 28, 2013

Scott's 7th birthday

Scott turned 7 today.  We celebrated with doughnuts and orange julius for breakfast and let him try his first gift:  hair gel.  He likes doing mohawks.  Later that day, he got a skateboard, helmet, a game, hot wheels car, and a trip to Chuck E. Cheese's with Grandma and Pop.  When I was done with work, we went to Buffalo Chicken Wings on Lone Tree for din-din.  

The food was good even though it took way too long for it to be delivered.  Scott was happy that they brought him some chocolate cake and ice cream.  

 One of my little didges has a broken lens mechanism, so this top picture is blurry.  Sad, but a bad picture is better than no picture.

 We were excited about this craigslist bin of 12 month clothes.  $25 for 48 pieces of clothing.  Yeah, craigslist!

I have ordered Scott a gift that hasn't arrived yet, but I'm pretty sure he'll like it.  Until then, this short post will have to do.